Here are the best home decor stores in Goa.

Impress your visitors with a range of cute and modern wall hangings, lighting, furniture and furnishings purchased from the high quality home decor stores in Goa!

Although Goa gets a lot of attention for its fantastic beaches, healthy food and unforgettable nightlife, its lively markets are some other enchantments that make it a famous holiday destination on the wish list of many. And so, when you are on your long-awaited vacation here, it will not be great if you find that you fill your cart with lots of weird wall hangings, curtains or signage, without indulging in various obligatory Goan things to do. After all, you will discover a couple of stores that market some of the most irresistibly captivating furnishings that will tickle your imagination!

With that said, it’s time to make your #GoaDiaries extra fun and memorable! To make sure you only grab the items that are overrated on excellent and appealing, here are 6 of the best home decor stores in Goa whose choice will enhance your home! The home is the place that the heart (and art!) Is, right?


Marked artifacts

Starting the list of best home decor stores in Goa is Marcou. From souvenirs and kitchen utensils to gift options and a variety of antique gadgets, decorating your home with the most exquisite home decor items from Marcou Artifacts is a decision you will thank yourself for. In fact, almost everything sold here is purely handmade, which makes it all the more important to include it in our list that compiles the best home decor stores in Goa. When they come to their fascinating collection, they have a variety of beautiful containers in various shapes. For example, their boat-shaped containers, cauliflower containers, rooster bowls and cashew bowls are some of the most artistic options on offer that can also be used for different purposes! In addition to this, you will also find a variety of figures and miniatures that represent the typical Goa! When we reset their collection, we found a fishing figure and a small statue of the Mangueshi temple that we think can be a great complement to anyone’s home! When you dive deep into their extensive catalog, you will also find some beautiful wall hangings, such as a starfish wall hangers and seahorse wall hangers to serve as souvenirs from a fantastic holiday!

Professional tips: They also have a variety of hand-painted tiles, vases and Goan slippers that provide some really cool gift options as well.

Var: Casa Rocha, Rua 31 de Janeiro, Near Viva Panjim Restaurant, Fontainhas, Altinho, Panaji, Goa

When: 9:30 to 20:00

Cost: Varies from product to product.

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Karma Collection & All about Eva

Next on the list of best home decor stores in Goa is the Karma Collection. If you are planning a day exclusively for shopping in Goa, it should be easy to visit The Karma Collection & All About Eve in Siolim, especially if you are a fan of vintage home decor. Their product range is absolutely fantastic, ranging from antique furniture and old textiles to classic showpieces and old wall hangings. So if you’re fascinated by their collection, this is the charm of this place at work! Put your gloves on their vintage-style pillowcases, torans, metallic chapati boxes, Afghan Surai and Dragon Pot that will accentuate the appeal of your homely home! Apart from that, they also offer a variety of accessories and clothes that are tailored for anyone who loves to show off a bohemian look! From coats, courtiers and dresses to bags and jewelry, there is something for every fashionista out there! So, while buying some gifts for your space, do not forget to pamper yourself too!

Where: 39, Duler-Marna-Siolim Rd, Igrez Vaddo, Siolim, Goa

When: 10:00 to 22:00

Cost: Varies from product to product

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Boa Casa Home Decor

If you look at their large collection, it will not be an exaggeration to say that Boa Casa Heminredning offers some of the most elegant and stylish interior design options that you can buy at this scenic beach destination! It is a one-stop-shop for all your home decor needs, from your dining table and living room to your kitchen and bedroom, so it is advisable to check out each section of their store. In fact, before you are overwhelmed by the quality and design of their products, you will be amazed at the wide range they have! For example, in their category for living room and dining room, they have listed possibly everything that can be an important value addition. From curtains, rugs and pillowcases to wallpaper, table accessories and rugs, and even these have several subcategories under them! In addition, you should also take a look at their bathroom accessories, artificial turf, blinds, potholders, folding beds and sheets that absolutely steal the show! When it comes to your souvenir needs, they offer beautiful fabrics that you can take home and sew according to what you want to use them as! This is truly one of the home decor stores in Goa that should be visited at least once when you are on vacation!

Where: Hotel Samrat Building, Dr. Dada Vaidya Road, St. Inez, Altinho, Panaji, Goa

When: 9:30 to 13:00, 15:00 to 19:30

Cost: Varies from product to product.

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SM Heminredning

Say hello to one of the best furniture stores in Goa – SM Home Decor. It not only gets high marks just for the variety of furniture they offer but also for the highest quality and design in their collection! So if you are thinking of reinforcing the furniture in your home, this is the perfect place to grab a few! Check out their selection of beanbags, sofas, pillows, tables, chairs and curtains, which are available in lots of styles, patterns and sizes! Their rocking chairs, office chairs, wingback sofa and highchairs are some of our favorite choices and we are sure you will also find them suitable. In addition to this, their interesting collection of furniture also has some work tables, bookshelves, wardrobes and shoe racks, which are quite trendy and definitely worth checking out!

Where: NH-17 near Holy Family Church, next to Saraswat Bank Alto, Porvorim, Pilerne, Goa

Cost: Varies from product to product

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The paper boat collective

Synonymous with sustainability, creativity and variety, Paper Boat Collective in Sangolda definitely deserves to be on our list of the best home decor stores in Goa! The idiom “shop til you drop” fits perfectly here because it is not only a haven for home furnishings – you can also get your hands on a selection of stylish clothes and accessories here! And since it caters to men, women and children as well, it’s obvious to come here for a family shopping.

Check out their home decor section and you will see a plethora of super creative lamps, chairs, sofas, pillows, cushions, sheets, windbreakers and kitchen equipment. In addition, you can also take a look at their candle holders, containers, bowls and wall hangings that are decorative enough to impress you! Pamper your children with adorable wooden toys and woolen figures that can also be used as signs for your living room or bedroom! And finally, for your fashion needs – get some really handsome bags, dresses, shirts, hats, shoes and jewelry for yourself to finish your #GoaDiaries with retail therapy!

Var: H No. 248 Bella Vista, near Alua Resort, Sangolda, Goa

When: 10:30 to 19:30

Cost: Varies from product to product.

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Last on the best home decor stores in the Goa list is Saudades. Buying antique furniture is an investment that requires a certain level of trust and knowledge. Moorthy and Jacinta from Saudades in Sangolda are synonymous with the restoration of colonial furniture from the British, Portuguese and Dutch eras in India, and the integrity and knowledge with which they do business is widely known and appreciated. The duo, who had launched the famous Moorthy’s in Tardeo, Mumbai, much earlier, are well versed in the art of restoration after having been in this field for over four decades. Of course, their Sangolda store, which opened its doors as early as 2001, continues to be a reliable place to buy rare, functional and high-quality antique wooden furniture and Indian artifacts.

The shopping experience is far from boring in the beautifully restored Indo-Portuguese mansion that houses two living rooms, five bedrooms, a study, an office, a balcao and a royal porch with a koi pond on the side. One of the most interesting pieces in the store is a Dutch-influenced money loan locker with secret compartments to keep prying eyes and quick fingers away. Made of rosewood, mahogany and ebony with cut inserts, this charming part comes lined with satin.

Where: 83, Chogm Rd, opposite Mother of God Chapel, Sangolda

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