Holidays and festivals in Mozambique

Mozambique has several public holidays each year, which are divided into national and regional holidays. As such a religiously diverse country, you do not mind that the holy days of many religions are officially recognized, although adherents of certain faiths will still observe these days. The number of holidays in a calendar year is slightly less than in other African countries and is in line with what one would expect in an international setting.


Mozambique celebrates 9 nationally recognized holidays every year, all of which are celebrated annually on specific dates.

Fixed dates:

  • January 1 – New Year.
  • February 3 – Heroes Day. In memory of the heroes who died in the struggle for independence from Portugal.
  • April 7 – Women’s Day
  • May 1 – Workers Day
  • June 25 – Independence Day. Celebrating the day Mozambique officially gained independence from Portugal.
  • September 7 – Victory Day. Celebrates the day of the initial reconciliation of independence with Portugal.
  • September 25 – Revolution Day
  • October 4 – Day of Peace and Accord.
  • December 25 – Christmas


Mozambique is not known for its festivals, although with a little effort you can discover some interesting activities. While most of the festivals are music-based, there are also smaller performing arts festivals.

Some of the more popular festivals include:

  • Festival AZGO. This annual music festival usually takes place every May in the capital city of Maputo. All types of music, documentaries and some master classes are presented.
  • Festival STRAB. Another music festival that takes place in May, STRAB is a rhythm and blues festival that takes place in Malongan near the South African border.
  • Independence Day. This public holiday is traditionally celebrated with a variety of celebrations ranging from live performances to traditional dancing. Other cultural events are also held and this day has a festive atmosphere.
  • TAMBO International art camp. This festival, which is held in the city of Pemba, is usually held every July and celebrates the diversity of the performing arts. The event sometimes attracts international artists, but most of them are local.
  • CHOPI Music Festival. This music festival is held annually at the end of July in Kissiko. This particular festival is of great interest as it celebrates the traditional music of Mozambique and as such is a really good cultural experience.
  • FORR Festival. This is a new festival, recently founded and dedicated to rock bands. Dates and venues have not been set and change from time to time, so it is best to check with local providers for details.

Religious holidays

Since the different religions are roughly equal, you will find that each group observes its own religious days. These days are worth keeping in mind as they will affect the availability of some services.


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