Home décor: Twinkle Khanna shares tips to ‘transform your balcony into a gorgeous oasis’

Balconies are one of the most comforting corners of our homes. From evening tea and coffee breaks to endless rounds of conversations while enjoying the sunset, balconies are where memories are made! Thus, it becomes absolutely essential to spruce up our balconies by giving them a gorgeous makeover – one filled with just the right amount of greenery, colors and furniture.

If you are looking for ways to turn your balconies into a beautiful-looking functional space, here are some tips shared by Twinkle Khanna. In a YouTube video, shared on the Tweak India channel, she demonstrated simple ways to “transform your balcony into a gorgeous oasis”.

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Place a versatile stand

She started out by placing a versatile stand made of durable material on one corner of the balcony. “You can use it as an unconventional mini bar in the living room, make a corner table, or use it as a breakfast station on your balcony, ”she said.

She populated the wooden stand with some books, a candle, small plants, boxes of coffee, cups, condiments, and cutlery. She suggested adding a little table fan to “beat the summer heat”.

Add colors

Next, she hammered in some nails on the wall behind the table. “I’m going to use this wall to hang artworks which would inject color into this space, ”she said.

“You could also print out family photos or even a DIY art created by your family,” Twinkle said, as she hung some beautiful artworks created by daughter Nitara on the wall.

Get a cantilevered table for your balcony. (Source: Pexels)

Herb garden

She further suggested growing a vertical herb garden if your balcony receives “a good amount of sunlight”. “Trust me, there’s nothing like eating food that you have grown yourself.”

Get a cantilevered table

Commission a cantilevered table from your local carpenter out of waste plywood. “The way it sets, you can just slip it onto your balcony railing and it will balance. You can eat your meals here. Further, it can be removed when you do not need it. It will not cost you more than 4-5k and it’s money truly well-spent. ”

“Just make sure the carpenter comes and takes proper measurements so that it sits perfectly on the railing and bears the weight of whatever you plan to use it for,” she suggested. Twinkle then went on to add some beautiful little plantsdrinks and food items to the table.

Mix textures to break the monotony

“I like to mix textures to add layers to any space and break the monotony,” she shared. For this, she added a jute rug to the balcony.

She suggested getting something durable that can handle the dust and dirt that comes with this territory. Additionally, make sure you leave some room on the floor for walking and circulation.

Add some greenery to your balcony. (Source: Pexels)

Create a cohesive color story

While many of us love bright hues, the key to creating a cohesive color story is picking similar colors that are in your artwork, vases and other items, she explained.

She showed this idea by placing a pair of soft blue chairs with printed cushions on the rug.

Fill up the space with plants

What’s a balcony without some plants? If you are a bit of a ‘plant-murderer’, stick to varieties such as ficus, money plants and ticoma among others, ”she suggested.

She went on to add a bunch of plants around the balcony.

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