Houses for rent

Thanks to the Help to Buy program, many developers have started to sell homes on lease, whereas traditionally homes have always been freehold. Over time, this became a controversial topic in which the government felt the need to intervene.

Some of the country’s developers have pointed the finger at putting profit above their social conscience, even though they realize they need to build homes for families for which they also have shareholders.

Land bank

The media have publicly announced that there is a situation with land banks.

Land banking is a real estate investment scheme that involves the purchase of large tracts of undeveloped land for the purpose of selling the land at a profit when it is approved for development.

Through the merger, some of the builders inherited the land to their organizations on a lease basis.

The fact that they offer properties for sale, both for rent and ownership, is a controversial topic for buyers to make an informed choice.

What about people?

Many people felt that the market had strayed too far towards leases when it became clear how much profit the builders were making on the basis of the leases.

The case came to a head when the CEO of one of the UK’s most renowned builders was awarded a prize of over £ 100 million. At the time, this was one of the most significant bonuses in the history of the company.

Some rented homeowners were shocked when they asked for permission to deposit thousands of pounds into their homes in payment.

Commissions were collected by their management companies.

Some annual land rent rates had to double every ten years, and owners could see that it would be more difficult to sell their home in the future once the increase began.

In parliament

After notifying its deputies and discussing the issue in parliament, the government agreed that if you buy a house (and not an apartment or apartment), then it makes sense that you should own that property.

What can you do?

If you are the owner of one of these houses and did not realize if it was rented, you should report it. If you feel that a lawyer acting on your behalf did not provide you with full information about the lease you signed, you should immediately re-contact him to find out the reason.

You can contact the owner at any time if you are interested in buying it.

Apart from rent, there is the problem of service charges.

When councils give permission for home builders to build on land, they do not always agree to accept common areas such as

  • Herbal edge
  • Roads

This means that the maintenance of these sites must be outsourced, usually to a private company. Owners in the area then contribute financially to these renovations on top of their city tax, this can happen regardless of whether the home is rented or owned.

Service fee

Service charges may increase. Sometimes residents of the area get together to form an association that may allow them to choose a different service provider.

If you are considering buying a rental property, check with your lawyer about renting.

It’s not hard to get carried away with buying a home, but you also need to understand that this is an important investment decision that needs to be carefully considered.

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