How Epoxy Floor Coatings Has Opened New Business Opportunities

The application of epoxy floor coatings is a big business for many reasons. The first is that concrete is the most widely used material on earth. Concrete is an important part of every structure around the world but with problems such as moisture, bacteria and mold growth. No need to live with ugly, dirty, bacteria-laden concrete floors with new high-performance, decorative epoxy and polyurea systems.

The coatings of the new technology are as smooth as ever. It stops the growth of bacteria. Moisture has always been the enemy of coatings. New products and methods of use will withstand the excessive pressure of ground moisture and salts present in concrete. If you have experienced delamination or adhesion of concrete coatings, the upward moisture pressure, called “hydrostatic pressure”, is part of the problem. Moisture pushes salts upwards through air holes and capillaries in concrete which breaks the chemical cross-linking of the coating. New technology enables the floor to get wet in concrete holes when the surface is properly leveled. High performance coatings are absorbed into the surface by becoming part of the floor instead of just sticking to the surface.

Advances in coating technology have resulted in faster curing processes. In many cases a floor can be completed in half the time and used almost immediately. This has increased the demand. Consumers will no longer have to close their businesses to install flooring. With the right surface preparation tools, the floor can be prepared from one machine at 100-400 square feet per hour. It depends on the size of the floor grinding equipment. A floor can be prepared with two large grinders which will be completed by 7:00 am the next morning with 10,000 square feet at the end of business on Friday evening at 5:00. With the rapid treatment system, 4 coats can be applied and completed by Sunday afternoon and ready for use on Monday morning.

This rapid treatment system benefits the maximum number of consumers and increases the profitability of the applicant. As a result, the coatings business is attracting high quality flooring professionals. Everyone is winning, customers, applicants and manufacturers.

Let’s take a look at some of the uses.

Residential garage

Over the years homeowners have noticed that a good garage adds value to their home. Homeowners are renovating their garage cabinets, organizational systems and doors. The biggest problem is the floor. Previously high performance epoxy coating would take 4 days to complete. Now a destination can be completed in 2 days. This enables a contractor to complete 3 floors in a week instead of just 1. As a result, the quality of the application has improved as business savvy business people are taking advantage of this market.

Warehouse floor

An existing business often cannot afford the downtime and loss of revenue to reclaim its destination. Accelerated treatment systems enable projects to be completed in one weekend. Large facilities can be completed in segments during the weekend without interruption.

Dog kennels

The first problem in dog kennels is the growth of bacteria. In the past, an epoxy coating would scratch the edge. Cracked edges trap dirt and breed bad bacteria. This can lead to health problems and dog coughs, which can be fatal for pets. Polyspartics and polyureas will be scratched but with a clean, straight line. This prevents dirt and bacteria from getting trapped. Adding moldings to the inner edges enables the coating to be applied to the upper edge, forming a pan. Now that this facility will be down and clean water will not come under the wall.

Restaurant and commercial kitchen

Restaurants and commercial kitchens have the same type of health problems as dog kennels. The problem is the build up of bacteria. Areas with high traffic kill with food. Polyspartic finish coats avoid this problem due to their ability to straighten scratches and effectively clean bacteria.

Retail stores and decorative finishes

High performance top coats come clearly. This means that the applicant can lay a decorative, customized floor using paints, stains or varnishes. Clear, non-yellow polyspartic finishes not only provide function but also enhance the decorative underlayment. Completion lasts for years with proper care.

The potential of these flooring products is opening up new opportunities in a wide range of real estate applications and creating a large-scale development industry.

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