How Taurus Season Will Affect You If You’re An Aquarius

According to StyleCaster, Taurus is secretly and extremely creative. So, during this Taurus season, do not be surprised if there are some intense creative bursts in the middle of all that grounding. Grab a pen, paintbrush, or instrument and lean into these feelings. Of course, you’re probably already pretty used to this as an Aquarius, also known as one of the most creative signs of the zodiac.

“Around this time, expect bursts of creative energy, an increased drive to rebel from the norm, and a tendency to dare to make radically different choices from the mainstream,” popular astrology Instagram page Moon Omens explained in a post. If that does not sound like the greatest possible outcome for an Aquarius, then we do not know does.

What’s different about this time of creativity for an Aquarius is the grounding from Taurus’ earth sign. While Aquarians are used to being, well, spacey and letting their creativity guide them, they might feel a bit more of a focused form of creativity. Lean into where this takes you!

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