How the business of cleaning a window in the winter survives

In some parts of the country, window cleaners can clean commercial and residential windows year-round, and regardless of the month, the seasons in the country can be quite mild and stable.

It’s very good for them, but what about others? The feeling I often hear on this topic is expressed. But you have good news. Just because its winter time does not mean that your income will die down, does not mean that you have to modify and expand the services you provide.

Before describing some of the different ways a window cleaner can make money in the winter, let me remind you that although the residential market may die during the winter months, the commercial market still offers a steady income. Why? This is because businesses need to keep shop facades and office space clean so that customers can call. This means they will need your window cleaning services even if it is not much in the winter than in the summer.

Now in a few different ways you can slowly keep your window cleaning business profitable during the winter months. I share with you the many services you can offer, but please do not limit yourself to these services only. Think outside the box about what your customers need during the winter months other than window cleaning.

Christmas lighting installation

One of the most lucrative services you can provide to your existing and potential customers in the winter is the Christmas lighting installation service. In this case, your customers will pay to have the holiday lights hung there and then come back at the end of the season and take them down. When charging the customer in advance for both installation and removal, it can be very profitable if done correctly. This will lead to a nice change in your hand before Christmas time. Christmas lighting installation has become a big part of my winter income and I started another company that deals only with lighting for holidays and special occasions.

Sewer cleaning

It can be a year-round service, but is more profitable in the fall and winter months. Sewer cleaning is the process of using your ladder to reach the sewers of customers’ homes and then cleaning up all debris. This is an essential service for many homeowners living in areas where autumn plants are abundant, as leaves, dirt, twigs and other debris can quickly clog the home’s sewer system. This debris is not only unobtrusive, it poses a fire hazard and prevents sewers from doing the important job of draining the water out of the house. Water damage is a very expensive repair and many homeowners are happy to pay you to clean their canals once or twice a year.

Pressure washing

This is another service offered throughout the year, but can be very profitable during the winter months. Mud and sludge from water mixed with dust and dirt will get everywhere in the winter. Especially in areas where the urban transport department spreads dirt on the roads to prevent people from slipping on the ice; Dirt has to go somewhere, and a large portion of it blows against parking lots and businesses. These businesses are very excited when they offer a pressure washing service to clean their sidewalks and sidewalks.

The above services outline is part of the services that a window cleaning business can provide to its customers during the winter months. This article is not exhaustive, but rather helps you think about what you can offer your customers to make extra money in the slow season.

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