How to Buy Cowboy Spurs – The Best Guide to Buying Cowboy Spurs

Cowboy spurs are an essential part of cowboy equipment. The very idea of ​​a cowboy spur conjures up images of tough cowboys and Western life.

In the next article, we will explain the purpose of this western piece of equipment as well as tips for buying cowboy spurs.

Common use

Cowboy spurs are used for a variety of reasons, such as practical horse riding, collecting and decoration. Riding spurs are commonly used to steer a horse.

Cowboys can actually dig into the sides of a horse using rows of spurs and using a nail and reins to aid in steering. Spurs are used in horse riding for horse shows, farm work, rodeos and trekking.

When not in use for horse riding, they can be used as decoration by hanging this western style accessory on the wall. In addition, collectible spurs can also be purchased as an investment because with proper care these cowboy accessories only increase in value.

Buying Guide

These items can be purchased from the manufacturer (for custom designs) or from antique stores, agricultural auctions, real estate auctions, pawnshops, yard sales, nail shops, or online auctions.

People who shop for horse riding have to consider a number of very different items and also choose from different designs. Riding spurs could be ornamental or solid color, have swing buttons or inverted buttons, and also consist of narrow or wide ribbons.

Moreover, the size of the comb, its type, stance length, stance bend, and additional heel chains depend on individual or professional preference. People who are new to horse riding and equipment may want to purchase two or more different types to determine which is best.

It would be a good idea to buy several pairs for different purposes (training, show or cross-country riding), as well as a separate pair of spurs for each horse. In addition, it is important to remember that spurs designed for women and young people have a shallower heel depth and width.

Spurs as collectibles

For collecting purposes, Western spurs are made in a variety of styles and bear the mark or brand (stamp or engraving with the initials, name or symbol) of the person who made them.

Collectible versions increase in value with age and use; therefore old unmarked spurs are valuable. However, these older models are not necessarily suitable for those new to collecting because they are difficult to identify.

It is easiest to buy spurs for home decoration. The style of cowboy decorative spurs is entirely down to personal preference. People can buy what they like and their own decorating style.

Collector’s editions are really great for decorating, because such spurs not only make beautiful pieces of jewelry, but also increase their market value. In addition, decorative cowboy spurs could be purchased at most gallery stores or online auctions at an affordable price.

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