How to deal with poor color selection.

You wanted Ralph Lauren’s safari tan, but instead of paying for the brand name paint, you chose to match the computer to the paint chip. Although the computer is very close, the paint you bought looks like brown mustard. what can you do? Obviously you can go back to the store and buy another gallon of paint, and cross your fingers that this time it will be the right color. Or, if you like to play with colors and like a challenge, you can correct your mistake and turn those walls into works of art.

The easiest way to adjust the color without completely covering it is to do a color wash. You will need a quart of paint in the second color which is the primary color. Choosing a second color may require as much thought as the first one, but don’t apologize for spending too much time at the paint shop. While choosing a different color is important, the good news is that you have more room for error with colorwash.

A good rule of thumb for choosing color combinations is to stick to the same color, but apply the colorwash in a darker or lighter shade. This principle works great if you like to start with this color, but this article is designed for situations where you hate it. The next best option is to choose a color on the color wheel.

In the example above, the main color was a bad version of Ralph Lauren’s Safari Tan. The second color was chosen: Valspar’s Briliant Oak, 3003-7A (no attempt was made to match the color of the computer the second time).

It helps to keep an eye on the artist, but don’t be afraid to rely on your intellect. If you want a camel instead of a gold one, it makes sense that you choose the shade of orange-brown to get closer to the color of your choice. Ask an artist friend if you don’t trust your decision. Or buy a sample size and experiment with it before working on the walls. Even if you buy a quarter of the color you think is going to be perfect, experience is a must.

Washing paints is easy, but it can take time, and it helps reduce your technique and the desired effect before you start painting the walls. Ideally, you could experiment with a wall in your home that needs painting in the near future, but in exchange for this luxury you can buy paper sheets from the paint store for your patterns. Paint the base coat, then let it dry while you are mixing your wash solution. Color wash can also be called color glazing.

The mix is ​​simple. You can buy glazes from a paint store, which has the advantage of not drying the skin. Long wet periods give you more time to play with it and touch the edges. This is a good idea for beginners, but not necessarily. Mix the paint with water and you will get the same effect.

The amount of water you mix depends on what you want. Start by mixing one part paint solution in one part water, then adjust it by adding more water if you want the basic color to look more, or if you want it to look more dramatic. Paint more. Apply the color wash in small portions (one foot to one foot) so you can easily work the edges for a smooth look. Also pay attention to the corners and edges.

You can apply colorwash in dozens of ways: on the rag, on the sponge, on the rig, off the sponge, on the brush … each technique is slightly different from the other, but in the end you must have a wall depth

Safari Tan / Brilliant Oak For example, colorwash was applied in overlapping X motions with a 3-inch brush. After dipping the brush into the colorwash, extra squeezing was done before applying. After brushing the desired area, the painter continued to brush around the area, mixing the old with the new, and brushing on new areas with less paint on the brush. Some of these areas were deliberately left light to allow the wall to change color. The second coat of glaze, further watered down, was applied in a wavy stroke with a 6-inch dragging brush. The second coat helped to match the colors and any blemishes.

If you regularly paint with a roller, plan to spend several hours washing much more than that. But if you are willing to take a little more time, you can turn your disappointing paint color choice into a great success story.

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