How to hang Mian Hemak.

The execution requirements for the Maya hemisphere are very different from the more commonly seen rope and bar hemispheres. Following the guidelines below will ensure safe installation and incredible hours of comfort.

How to hang a hammock properly

Maya has loops at each end of the cradle, called the cradle’s eyes. These loops should be 5 or 6 feet above the ground when the sheath hammock is installed properly. The distance between the supports may be less than one foot from the length of the cradle. For most Maya sizes, that would mean 11-13 feet. This is great if you have a long distance. Use adjusting ropes, and attach the swing slightly to the ground. The longer the execution distance, the greater the attachment points. The cradle should hang in a caterpillar drop about 2-3 feet above the ground. The best installation space supports at least a little bit of width and bridges the gap with the use of rope. This allows you to easily adjust the pull.

A special tip: The first time you put your Mayan swing, hang it, then sit on it, without opening … and lift your full weight a few times to test the installation and pull the weave.

From the Hammock stands

If you have one of these lesser hammock stands that suits your old bar hammack. Forget it. It just won’t work. You will need a stand that is tall.

From the trees

Use “tree huggers”, straps, or strong ropes tied around a tree trunk. It is not advisable to put hardware in trees. The trunks or branches of trees used to support hammocks should generally be at least 6 “to 8” in diameter to support weights at the attached height. If you use a rope, make sure you know your knots, or you’ll find the Earth!

From posts

Depending on the size of the swing, firmly position the 10 ‘pressure treated 4 “x4” or larger posts at a distance of about 12-15 feet into the ground. Bury the posts at least 3 feet deep, surround them with concrete, and allow the concrete to heal two or three days before using the cradle. Apply 3/8 inch diameter 4 1/2 inch long leg eye screw to the posts for hemlock attachment points.

Inside your house

Locate the stud or beam by tapping the wall or ceiling or using a stud finder. When you hit someone, you will hear a loud noise. To make sure you are directly on the stud or beam. Locate the center of the beam by tapping the left and right extra holes in the first one. Once located correctly, drill a 1/4 “starter hole, then attach a heavy duty 3/8” I-League screw. Then use S hooks and poly rope to attach the hammock. You should hang your hammock from a structural member such as a wall root, roof beam, or concrete wall. Never try to hang a hammock from plaster or wall planks!

One last word: test before your comfort!

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