How to Plan For Putting a Pool in Your Backyard

Many people are forgoing vacations this year due to the bad economy and opting to spend their time off at home. The term stay-cation refers to this and actually was just one of the new words added to Webster’s dictionary last week since it is so commonly used now. One way to enjoy your home more, would be to put in a pool in the backyard to enjoy for the summer months as well as not having to join a swim club. This article will give tips on how to prepare for your backyard pool from picking out the type of pool, to the Spokane landscaping and Spokane tree removal that will be needed before and after the installation.

The first thing to do is to find a reputable landscaping company that will work alongside with a pool company to offer you the best advice and price for what you would like to have. Begin with the advice on how big of a pool will fit in your backyard before you go to pick out the type of pool. For better aesthetics and resale of your home, it is recommended that you install an in ground pool rather than an above the ground one. You must decide what you want to get out of your pool like if you intend to use it for swimming laps or just floating in or taking a little dip to cool off. If you have kids, they may want to have a slide or diving board too.

Once the type of pool is selected, the preparation for the area where it will go needs to begin. If you have large trees in the way, then you may need to hire a professional to come to remove the trees as well as grinding down the stump before digging the hole can start. After an appropriate hole is dug for the pool, and the fiberglass shell is installed or the pool concrete is poured into the framing, the outside of the pool area needs to be leveled off and graded before the concrete or stonework surrounding the pool can be done .

Having a landscape designer may be a good investment to help you understand all of the options that you can do surrounding your new pool. One of the fun ideas is to have various built in planters and flower beds in and around the pool to soften the harsh concrete and make it seem more like a tropical oasis. Using plants, shrubs, and flowers can really make a big difference in the beauty of your new poolside backyard. Another thing that may be good to add is a covered area or a gazebo type of shaded area off the pool that you can sit under on sunny days or even put table and chairs under for some nice dining poolside.

Once the pool is filled, the landscaping is completed and the new pool furniture is purchased, you will never want to leave home again and just vacation right in your backyard.

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