Ikea’s spring summer collection is here, and it is full of home inspiration

At the end of January, it finally feels like we can start looking forward to spring and all it has to offer. With the warmer, longer days, there will usually be a desire to shake our spaces a bit and replace the cozy with fresh touches.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, Ikea’s spring summer collection is a good place to start. Not only is it full of great ideas you can make with items you already have, there are also lots of additions to their range that will not crack the bank.

Here are some of the collection’s key themes.


Occasion tablecloth € 15

When restrictions end, it feels like a good time to gather friends and family and spend quality time together for a party.

Whether it’s to mark a party missed or just an excuse to see everyone, you want to create a warm welcome for everything from a coffee over a coffee to a packed celebration.

Occasion set with 2 vases 10 €

As a result, the collection has a lot to help with, from happy tablecloths and beautiful vases to set spring tables, or beautiful cups to sit around the table with friends.

Striped plate, € 2.50, deep plate € 2.50, bowl € 2.50

Center your mess

Pile of cabinets 150 €

We can often think of many of the objects in our home as just clutter, but many of them are there because they mean something special to us. A reminder of a person, something we think is really beautiful or that makes us smile.

Lommarp desk 179 €

Therefore, use these valuable possessions to accentuate the decor of your home instead of striving to clean out your space by hiding everything in drawers and drawers. Instead of going out to buy a new ornament, find something you already have and love and more to a more prominent position, while display cabinets can help keep things organized but still visible.

Inside out

Ikea spring-summer collection
Läckö shelf 60 €, Runnen floor terrace 180,81 € m² Black-gray light chain 35 €

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year in nature, when new shoots penetrate, flowers open and everything begins to come to life again. So why not bring this feeling of rejuvenation into your home?

Chili fruit vase jug, from € 5, Chia seeds plant pot from € 3.50

Plants and flowers are a great way to do this, as is a fresh color palette full of spring colors, while also being a great opportunity to freshen up your outdoor space.

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