I’m a savings expert and you should not be fooled by sale prices at Wayfair and Birch Lane

A TIKTOKER is sharing money-saving tips with her over 300,000 followers.

User @bougiecheapskate informed her viewers about a secret from the Wayfair brand.

TikToker @BougieCheapskate shared money-saving tips to her followers


TikToker @BougieCheapskate shared money-saving tips to her followersCredit: TikTok / @ bougiecheapskate

While shopping for home decor, the user found an artificial Christmas tree from Birch Lane with an original price of $ 1,048.99.

However, there was a 45 percent discount making the tree $ 590.

“Yeah, that’s a great deal,” said the user while in character of the shopper. “Isn’t Birch Lane owned by Wayfair though? I wonder if they have a good deal. ”

When comparing the price of the tree on both websites, the user found the same tree priced nearly $ 200 cheaper at $ 409.99 on Wayfair.

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“What’s weird, the price is different on Wayfair,” said the user.

While playing the character of a personal shopper for Wayfair, @bougiecheapskate informed the viewer about the discrepancy between both prices.

“At Wayfair, most of our products are owned by us,” said the user speaking as a personal shopper.

“We have over 80 proprietary brands so we can kinda list the price at whatever we want and it makes our sales look really good.”

According to the user, this explains why the pricing for the same product might be higher on one brand’s website compared to another.

“Sounds like Wayfair’s discounts can be a bit arbitrary,” said the user. “And just because something is advertised as having a heavy discount, does not mean I’m getting the best price.”

The caption for the video reads: “Wayfair does not want you to know this.”

The video so far has nearly 24,000 views. One viewer wrote in the comments that they use this same method whenever they find products on Wayfair or Overstock.

In Google to find cheaper. Typical Overstock is cheapest! ”

Another user wrote: “I’ve been noticing some companies using the exact images but the brand name will be different.”

Bougiecheapskate is known for posting all kinds of money-saving hacks and sharing secrets about spending less.

She found that a $ 590 tree on Birch Lane was priced at $ 409 on Wayfair


She found that a $ 590 tree on Birch Lane was priced at $ 409 on WayfairCredit: TikTok: @ bougiecheapskate / Birch Lane

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