Instagram Adores The Sweet Way Joanna Gaines’ Son Talks To His Plants

Many people know Joanna Gaines best from “Fixer Upper,” an HGTV home renovation show she stars in with her husband, Chip. After her recent Instagram post, it seems like the couple’s youngest son has inherited a love of the home.

In the caption for Gaines’ video, she writes that the four-year-old Crew goes around the family’s greenhouse telling “his little plants good night and to not let the (bed) bugs bite.” Naturally, Gaines’ followers loved the video, showering the post with more than 250,000 likes.

One viewer commented, “This is the sweetest, cutest thing ever! He’s so gentle with his little plants!” Another said, “That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Yet another commenter wrote, “Too cute! That innocence and sweetness warms your heart.” And one more commented, “So precious. We need more love like this in the world right now.”

It seems that the people adore the combination of plants, Joanna Gaines, and her adorable son.

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