Interesting facts about trucks

A truck is a vehicle that is commonly used to move heavy goods from one place to another. The first truck was built in 1896 by Gottlieb Daimler. Can you imagine life without trucks? How do we move cargo from point A to point B? Without trucks we would be lost. Here are some interesting facts about the trucks we see on our roads every day.

  • Some trucks are also known as lorries. These are the ones that don’t usually have an umbrella behind them. They are more versatile when it comes to carrying luggage that can be too long to fit in a confined space (such as steel bars).
  • They are commonly used to transport various items, often heavy or bulky goods.
  • Special truck trailers can be attached for extra cargo.
  • Most trucks run on diesel, which saves more fuel than petrol.
  • In some countries, a person needs a special license in addition to a normal driver’s license to be able to drive a truck.
  • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that enable them to carry a wide variety of goods. There are tip trucks, semi trucks, concrete trucks, fire trucks and refrigerated trucks.
  • Tip trucks are used to carry loose materials such as sand, gravel and mud for construction work. A typical dump truck is equipped with an open compartment bed, which is fastened to the rear and is equipped with a hydraulic piston to lift the front, which allows the material in the bed to be thrown to the ground at the place of delivery. Goes
  • Concrete trucks only carry pre-mixed concrete. The drum should be stopped from standing or the cement will harden. At the top is a loading chit through which the components of the mix are inserted into the drum, and below it is a long bolt that can be rotated to change the angle according to the position of the drum.
  • Fire trucks are primarily designed for firefighting operations. In addition, many fire departments use their vehicles for many other purposes, such as emergency medical services and rescue purposes.
  • Some large trucks, which are used for long distance travel, may have a sleeping area which is a place where the driver can sleep during stopover.
  • Most trucks have front axles and one or two rear axles.
  • In some countries, up to three trailers can be attached to a tractor.
  • Because these are so large vehicles that sometimes have multiple trailers attached, they may need two lanes to turn, so be careful when driving with a truck.
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