Is running a painting business seasonal?

I was listening to a conversation this morning with someone who has just started his painting business but complains that it is a bit slow. Another commented that “they did not want their bubble to burst but the painting is seasonal”.

Well, I’d like to blow that person’s bubble and say, “No, painting isn’t seasonal. Only the type of painting you do can be categorized as seasonal.” Yes, exterior painting is seasonal from spring to autumn unless you live in a warm environment.

But other types of painting such as faux painting, mural painting, interior painting for residential, commercial and industrial are the year round markets in which you can keep busy.

In fact, it was early autumn when I first started my painting business. I found work during the winter – even the hardest part, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not too bad for my first year start.

Think of it this way: if running a painting business were seasonal then all painting companies (large, medium and small) would be able to operate for only half a year. Paint stores may also be closed for the winter. Even washing windows is not seasonal no matter how cold it is.

If you don’t want to do interior painting and just want to be an exterior home painter then yes, this is seasonal. All you need to do is look for winter services such as snowmobiles or something else. But there is more to it than meets the eye.

If you are serious about running a successful, painting business that stays busy all year, you need to know how to run a successful painting business as well as the end of its business. Having a business partner can be an advantage for you.

The two most important secrets to running a successful painting business are advertising and accurate guessing. Correct these two things and the rest falls heavily in its place.

Some companies focus more on commercial and industrial painting and some specialize in residential and small commercial painting markets.

Once you are going to decide if you want a reliable business partner, employees and what painting markets you need or need, then you can better focus on your marketing.

I read about a large painting contractor in the Chicago area who decided to focus on the commercial and industrial painting markets. He immediately realized that there were deep pockets in both these mandis.

Of course with this type of painting you have to buy some serious painting equipment. And you will need an experienced crew that is used for commercial and industrial painting.

Is this type of painting seasonal? They may slow down a bit during the winter but then there are a lot of big indoor projects all year round. If there was anything seasonal about the painting business, it would be just because of the exterior painting in the cold weather, not being busy or having money.

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