Local News: Monett’s best of 2022 (3/12/22)

The 2021 Pride and Progress winner, Scott Beckwith, right, hugs 2022 awardee Darrin Newbold during the March 3 Monett Chamber Awards Banquet. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com

Business of the Year, Community Service, Pride and Progress awards given

Members of the Monett Chamber of Commerce gathered on March 3 to celebrate the highs and acknowledge the lows of 2021.

Among the highs were recognizing former Monett civil servant Jerry Dierker with the Community Service Award, naming Flying V Mercantile as the Business of the Year and honoring local bank founder Darrin Newbold as the Pride and Progress Award winner.

The 2022 Pride and Progress award winner, Darrin Newbold, with 2021 winner Scott Beckwith. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com

The 2022 Community Service Award, which has been presented since 1972 as a lifetime achievement award for residents who have dedicated their time and energy to the local community was posthumously presented to a community leader, business man and civil servant who truly embodies the spirit of the award.

Jerry Dierker was raised in Monett and served as a founding member of the Monett Main Street Board and the Monett Industrial Development Corporation and served many years on the Monett City Council.

During his time of service with the city, Dierker worked to improve the City Park Casino, backed expanding the Tax Increment Financing Commission’s plans to upgrade the highway arteries through Monett and the adjacent connecting streets that could have easily been ignored.

State Rep. Mitch Boggs, R-LaRussell, left, and State Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, right, present proclamations for Monett’s 2022 Community Service awardee Jerry Dierker, to his children Kristen Leathers-Bratton and Brett Dierker. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com

He was part of the team that envisioned an air park at the city’s airport and what that hub could mean for the economic welfare of the community.

For many years, Dierker also held an officer’s position, including chairman, of the Monett Industrial Development Corporation, which is credited with transforming Monett into an employment powerhouse and set a standard to reach for, a standard of not settling, but always looking for how to grow from the past.

Last year’s Community Service Award winner Winner Murray Bishoff said Dierker “literally helped build Monett from the ground up through his construction business,” and pointed out that Dierker’s name can be found on many local buildings.

Chamber of Commerce Board Member Ryan Post presents the Business of the Year award to Alyssa Vaughn, owner of Flying V Mercantile on US Highway 60 in Monett. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com

“It’s hard to measure a man solely by his public service,” Bishoff said. “Our honoree had that remarkable quality of adaptability and taking a second look at the way things had always been and saying, ‘We can do better.’ We can look at housing, at the bridges in town, at the evolution and changes that took place in the Greenways Trail, and even the ‘complete streets’ concept, and you can see the hand of this person taking the lead. ”

Dierker died in March 2021. His children, Kristen Leathers-Bratton and Brett Dierker, were on hand at the Chamber Banquet to receive the Community Service Award on his behalf.

The Pride and Progress Award has been awarded to Monett residents who make a notable contribution to the community. Special consideration is given for efforts contributing to community pride and progress.

Monett’s 2021 Community Service Award recipient Murray Bishoff, center, presents the 2022 Community Service Award to Kristen Leathers-Bratton and Brett Dierker, the children of 2022 Community Service Awardee the late Jerry Dierker. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com

Newbold, a 1978 graduate of Aurora High School, moved to Monett in 1984 and has been credited with helping to open several local banks and subsequently helping countless Monett residents and businesses in that role. In 2002, Newbold co-founded Community National Bank and throughout his time in Monett he has served on a number of local nonprofits and community boards, including the Monett Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Children’s Smile Center, the Monett YMCA and the Monett Industrial Development Corporation.

Today, Newbold serves as President of Freedom Bank of Monett and Aurora and is the 2022 Monet Pride and Progress awardee.

“I’m very honored and very proud to be part of Monett,” Newbold said. “This is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. This town has been very, very good to me. I’ve given a lot to Monett, but Monett has given even more back to me. ”

Taking the oath of office to serve on the Monett City Council in 2016 were Al Dohmen, and Jerry Dierker. Dierker served many years as a Monett civil servant, and left a lasting mark on community infrastructure. File photo / The Monett Times

This year’s Business of the Year award was received by Flying V owner Alyssa Vaughn.

Vaughn, who has had a lifelong passion for fashion, opened Flying V in 2016 on East Broadway in Monett.

As the nation battled with COVID-19 and threatened many traditional brick and mortar businesses, Vaughn and the Flying V team continued serving the local community with all things fashion and home decor.

In 2021, Vaughn found a new home for Flying V at 812 US Highway 60 in Monett next door to KeenBean Coffee.

While presenting the Business of the Year award, Scott Thrasher said Flying V has successfully created a strong online presence, and staff can often be found packing online orders for shipping, or updating web offerings to reflect new merchandise available at Flying V.

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