Looking at Duplex Housing Designs

Duplex housing designs are multi-family homes with two separate living areas separated by walls or floors. The cool thing with buildings is that they are economical because they require less building materials. Housing also saves space as the two units are integrated into one structure.


Units are generally designed to look like a single-family home, but with two different inserts. Because of this, the design offers two units separated by a firewall. Units are usually stacked one on top of the other and are separated from the ground.

Because of their design, it is common to find these homes in schools and colleges. They are also common in cities and towns that need temporary housing. Homes are also very popular in densely populated areas, such as large cities, where there is a high demand for affordable housing.

Duplex housing types

There are several types of duplex housing and the most common are:

A single story: They have two single-story units on one side. The cool thing is that the two units are on the ground floor. Since they are on the ground floor, they usually have no stairs to climb. This duplex is perfect for those of you who have small children or senior citizens due to the lack of stairs.

Two storey: One unit up and down: By their name, these are duplexes with one unit above and another unit. The design separates the units by placing them on each other floor. This house ensures that a large number of tenants can be accommodated.

Two floors, side by side: These have two units on two levels that share a common wall. The main advantage of duplexes is that they give you all the privacy you need. This is because private areas (bedrooms and bathrooms) are separated from public areas.


Duplex is a great investment, especially if you want to invest in a rental property. This is because there are so many attractive designs for all types of people.

Before you invest in units, make sure you do a lot of research to determine the design that is in demand in your area. You should also work with an experienced architect who will give you the best and most modern design.

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