Luxury villas in Cyprus in Larnaca offer excellent value for money

The lush port city of Larnaca is located on the southeastern coast of Cyprus. Luxury Cyprus villas in Larnaca are ideally located to enjoy luxury boutiques, varied restaurants and vast cultural charm. The famous castle-fortress of Larnaca is especially charming. For a sumptuous lunch at the foot of the castle, try the excellent seafood at Megalos Pefkos.

In the old days Larnaca was the number one trading city on the island of Cyprus. However, in the early 1900s, Larnaca ceded the title to Famagusta and then to Limassol. This is good news for the hundreds of tourists now cruising the calmer waters of Larnaca on tourist yachts. People buy houses in Cyprus for their beauty and luxury, which is a great reason to buy luxury Cyprus villas in Larnaca.

If you are lucky enough to spend your summer in Larnaca, you will most likely spend a lot of time on the city’s central waterfront. The Cataclysm, or Food Festival, is held on the waterfront. For Cataclysmo and other summer festivals, holidaymakers will rent luxury Cyprus villas in Larnaca. This makes Larnaca a great place to buy or sell property in Cyprus.

In fact, most of Larnaca’s popular attractions are located in or near the city center. The ruins of Kitium are probably the most famous holiday destination in Larnaca. Today the city of Larnaca stands on the site of the ancient Kitium, which now only exists in its charming ruins; a must-see for any history buff. Also worth seeing is one of Larnaca’s natural wonders. From November to the end of March, Larnaca Salt Lake is home to hundreds of colorful flamingos; This is another reason to look for land in the center of Larnaca when buying or selling property in Cyprus.

All of Cyprus is famous for its beaches, but Larnaca boasts an incredible sandy coastline that stretches for about 25 kilometers. Mackenzie and Finikoudes beaches in Larnaca are marked with a blue flag. Cyprus luxury beachfront villas in Larnaca represent an excellent property investment and should be considered whether you plan to buy or sell property in Cyprus or buy houses in Cyprus.

If sightseeing and sunbathing are not on your to-do list, you can be sure that there is plenty to do in Larnaca. Larnaca is home to two football teams: ALKI Larnaca FC and AEK Larnaca FC. Both teams play outside Zenon Stadium in Larnaca. If you prefer to play, head to the beaches for sand and water sports, and check the Larnaca community calendar for daily events.

Larnaca International Airport makes Larnaca a very convenient destination. Whether you are planning a trip or just looking for your dream vacation home, plan your trip to Cyprus and ask a real estate agent to show you luxury Cyprus villas in Larnaca. And the last reason to buy in Larnaca is the price. Property prices in Larnaca tend to be lower than most of the rest of the island!

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