Magnolia By Maulika Gandhi Takes Home Design And Decor To The Next Level


Lawyer turned designer and entrepreneur, Maulika Gandhi, exploring her love for spatial design, joined hands with her father Pramod Gandhi, to set up her family run atelier – Magnolia, named after the quaint magnolia tree in the backyard of her childhood home. Her obsession with all things beautiful took her on a journey where everyday spaces evolved into exquisite ones and her passion led the way in creating pieces and spaces for home-owners that she could take pride in. For Gandhi, her work is a nostalgic testimony to homes that are built on personal memories, conversations and the personalities of the people who inhabit them.


The idea behind the venture was to curate the most wonderful objects of art – these are pieces that Gandhi personally picked up from hidden nooks and corners of India. Every artifact, whether it has been curated or crafted from scratch, carries imprints of stories that need to be told.


10 years in business now, Magnolia has grown into a multi-faceted brand undertaking bespoke and interior design services as well. With 25 skilled artisans, they build tailor-made pieces for contemporary homes. The brand is an artisanal playground where they explore, experiment and even build without blueprints, expressing themselves in the most uninhibited fashion and carving out new visions.

Check out their products on their website The brand’s Summer Sale starts April 8, and will be available in-store as well as online. Drop by at their store in Worli to get home decor pieces on discount up to 50% off!

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