Making Asian skintones on your reborn baby

Making Asian skintones is a process similar to making a Caucasian baby, just need a mix of different colors. Initial preparation may be required as a dye, depending on the color of your kit. If your kit is too pink, it is advisable to paint it ten minutes purple to reduce it slightly, which is ready for your Asian paint blend. Soak the doll kit in liquid paint for ten minutes. Remove and leave to dry for at least 24 hours before testing the color, this gives the color plenty of time to catch in the vinyl and will give you a more accurate idea of ​​the color. When you are happy with the color of your kit, take a small amount of Mass 04 and a large quantity of Mass 06 and mix it with your odorless solvent or diluting medium until you have a watery consistency. You can experiment with this color for a while until you are happy that it is the right color for Asian skintone.

Once you’ve added some very subtle nerves to your kit, start layering your skin as you would on a Caucasian doll, heating between layers in a low oven for 8 minutes. The amount of skin you attach to your baby is a personal preference. Once you are convinced that you have repeated an Asian tone, considering all the reincarnations, there is less, less, so once you feel that you have the right color, later It is best to stop to avoid discoloration. The description of the Asian rebirth is also a little different from what you would add to a white skinned baby. Black hair will be an authentic looking color option. It can be mixed with a light color to give a subtle effect. Eyelids can be added almost black using a prism pencil, remember to use light sharp strokes and keep your pencil sharp at all times so that you do not end up with a thick unnatural looking eyebrow. There should be a darker shade to be used on the eyelid hair. This will give more definition to the eyes and bring out more eye color. The blushing and crease detail on the baby with Asian skintone should have a slightly darker shade, taking your blush red and adding the least amount of brown to brown and mixing with your odorless solvent is an ideal for you to highlight some areas. Will give shade. The rebirth of children with different skin tones is an exciting development in reincarnation and through experience and practice you can complement your technique with each one you create.

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