Mark D. Sikes Anthropologie Poppy Collection

Calling all maximalists! ELLE DECOR A-List designer Mark D. Sikes has revealed an exclusive home collaboration with Anthropologie. The new line, named the Poppy Collection — after his adorable French bulldog — brings together cheery, all-over patterns and modern silhouettes that are designed to be mixed and matched in one happy mélange.

“In my interior design projects, I always start the creative process by selecting the fabrics and colors of each room,” Sikes says. “With the Poppy Collection, I wanted to create colorful pieces that make a statement but can blend seamlessly into any space.”

mark d sikes anthropologie poppy collection

The charming collection includes tabletop accessories, furniture, and wallpaper.

Courtesy Anthropologie

Luckily, Sikes’ collection makes that kind of layering a breeze. A slipper chair, for instance, comes available in windowpane check, farmhouse floral, or a paisley print upholstery — and can then be styled on its own or configured with others to create a modular loveseat or sofa. Whimsical tableware and accessories, from plates to wineglasses to a planter shaped like his beloved pooch, look effortless combined in the same tableau.

Sikes cites the easygoing style of legendary American decorator Billy Baldwin as a key touchpoint for this collection; that very lineage is clear in the Poppy Collection’s woven details and clean, modern lines. “I was inspired to create something that felt classic and timeless but also fresh and innovative,” Sikes says.

mark d sikes anthropologie poppy collection

Patterns range from classic florals and paisley prints, to hand-drawn windowpane checks.

Courtesy Anthropologie

For Anthropologie, the partnership was a match made in heaven. “A mutual connection introduced me and our design team to Mark,” says Mary Beth Sheridan, the company’s chief merchandising officer. “We shared a vision for his home decor aesthetic, and we were very much aligned on what we think our Anthro customers will love!”

You do not have to be a deep-pocketed client — or First Lady Jill Biden, for that matter—To bring Sikes’s look into your own home: The pieces range from $ 16 for a floral glass tumbler to $ 1,498 for a bookshelf. “One of the reasons I’m so excited about this collection is the opportunity to share this same level of beauty at a more accessible price point for a wider audience,” Sikes says. “Everyone should have the chance to live with pieces that they cherish.”

mark d sikes anthropologie poppy collection

Sikes’ pieces were made for mixing and matching, as this dining area proves.

Courtesy Anthropologie

As for his favorite piece? Sikes can not help but love the French bulldog – shaped planter— “Such a cute homage to her!” Likewise, he wants this new line to encourage customers to go for the bold.

“I hope shoppers feel a sense of joy from this collection,” Sikes reflects. “The bright colors and cheerful florals should brighten up homes and put smiles on faces.”

Additional reporting by Bianca Rodriguez.

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