We often call owning your own home the American Dream. Since for most people their home is their single biggest financial asset, doesn’t it make sense to act thoughtfully and with as many necessary, positive, negative and potential ramifications and responsibilities as possible in order to be as prepared as possible? After working for over a decade as a licensed real estate seller in New York State, I have created a simple set of priorities to focus on and emphasize, which I call as LEAST about the decision to buy a house. With this in mind, in this article we will try to briefly review, consider and analyze, using a mnemonic approach, some of the central components and considerations.

one. Meets your current needs: What are your current needs and priorities? Do you think about it, instead of pursuing some kind of emotional attachments, etc., and become your own worst enemy? If / until someone considers in advance what he needs, how is it possible to know what to look at, what to strive for and make the wisest decision in his personal situation?

2. Imagines future needs: What is the purpose of buying this or that house? Are you hoping to just buy a home to start with, or buy something that meets your current needs, with your future needs in mind?

3. District: What do you like about the area? Why and how does it meet your needs and priorities / goals? Will you focus on issues like schools, safety, amenities, etc.? Will you be happy there?

4. Schools: Whether you have school-age children or not, the quality of local schools and the school system go a long way in terms of property values, etc. However, you should also carefully consider and examine the balance between school quality and tax impact. for real estate!

5. Transport: Is the house conveniently located for various types of transport? Are there any quality, public transport, amenities close to this hotel? Are you close, but are you too close to enjoy your home peacefully?

6. Safety: Before buying any home, take a close look at the public safety and crime rate in your area. Can you live in relative peace because the area is safe?

Consider these LEAST making a decision to buy your own home. Protect your investment and keep going well and successfully!

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