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Some styles come and go, but midcentury moderns never really lose favor. Here are five ways to work like that of the last century into your home decor.

Chair swing

With angled toothpick legs, a rounded seat cushion and flared arms, this mid-century Italian-inspired armchair exudes charm from every angle.

West Elm, Finley Lounge Chair is available in a variety of fabrics, $ 399- $ 699.

COOL MIDENTURY Sunday shop laredo table.jpg

On a pedestal

An elegant marble top and an elegant metal base give this accent table a timeless appeal that helps it fit into the interior of your home.

Sunday Shop, 2025 Magazine St., New Orleans, (504) 342-2087, Laredo 20-inch board, $ 960.

COOL MIDENTURY making midcentury modern book lionheart.jpg

Expert advice

Not sure how to make midcentury aesthetics work for you? This book provides 100 foolproof tips for introducing modernist design into a modern home.

Lionheart Prints, 3312 Magazine St, New Orleans, (504) 267-5299, Making Midcentury Modern by Christopher Kennedy, $ 35.

COOL IN THE MIDDLE.  modern market bookshelf.jpg

Open + books

Available in four sizes, Open Plan shelves are designed to provide an attractive yet subtle backdrop for your books and decorative accessories.

Modern Market, 1200 Annunciation St., New Orleans, (504) 896-2206, Long and low bookshelf with open floor plan in walnut finish, $ 999.

COOL MIDENTURY perigold bordslampa.jpg

Angling for the light

From the round base in brushed brass and the angular body with teak finish to the natural drum screen in linen, this wonderful lamp reaches the middle of the century with self-esteem.

Perigold, Variety table lamp in wood from Currey & Company, $ 890.

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