My favorite corner in my home is Aadyya’s bed overlooking the biggest window: Shalini Kapoor Sagar

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Shalini Kapoor Sagar, the seasoned actress is inspiring in the role of Mamta Oberoi in Colors’ Sirf Tum. Shalini loves every corner of her home, and looks for some engaging outside views to fill up her house’s ambience.

In a candid talk about home decor, Shalini Kapoor Sagar talks about how she and her family have furnished their home and what she would like to include in the times to come.

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Which is your favorite corner in your house?

My favorite corner is Aadyya’s bed overlooking the biggest window of the house. The view is beautiful.

What should your dream house look like?

My dream house should have a view of the sea or a golf course. It should have a beautiful big balcony, huge rooms with high ceilings, personal terrace where we can have lots of get-togethers.

What color combination would you like to paint your house?

Paint would be pastels .. a combination of light lilac and white.

Which celebrity house would you want to be yours?

I have seen Kabir Khan and Mini Mathur’s house, and I quite like that. Otherwise, my friends who stay in DLF Delhi and within the golf course, their house is amazing

Who will be the first guest that you would call after designing your dream house?

My first guest will be my Pranic healing group who will feel good about my achievements and bless us.

What should your window view look like?

My window should be broad and high and overlook lush green field / nature

Which part of your house do you not like?

I love all the parts of my house. We have put in efforts to make it beautiful

What will be your priceless contribution to the decor?

I want my Mandir area to be more lavish.

If you have to stick posters in your house, what posters will you stick?

I would not stick posters. It will be all about murals, urlis, South Indian decor, flowers, plants, lots of sunshine đź’›

Any idea for home decor that you ever got after watching anything? (Can be a movie, ad, poster, web series, friend’s house etc)

I prefer a combination of textured walls adding some character to it.

Wallpaper or paint?

I want portions of the house having wallpapers… floral or very English wallpapers

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