New home décor shop coming to St John’s

Local business owner and St John’s resident, Donna Davis, is soon opening So Chics Boutique.

The store, which will be moving into 53 St John’s, opposite the British Red Cross Shop, will be selling things such as clocks, vases, cards, gifts and wrapping papers.

Donna said: “The store will be a boutique with lots of unique products that I feel you will not find at many other retailers.

“I am aiming to regularly change the stock every week to keep new things coming in for our customers.

“It’s all very exciting, I can not wait to open.”

Worcester News: Donna Davis outside the new home of So Chics Boutique in St John's.Donna Davis outside the new home of So Chics Boutique in St John’s.

The store is currently undergoing renovations for its scheduled opening on April 1.

Donna said: “The interior of the shop will be very flamboyant as I want it to be memorable. It is currently being revamped but it will suit the theme of the store well I hope.

“It is being revamped now with new flooring and the stocks started arriving as well which is really exciting.

“April 1 will mark my opening weekend and we will be providing discounts for all of our customers.”

Donna first thought to open the store after noticing a gap in the market amongst local mums in the St John’s community.

She said: “A lot of people in the community seem to be excited about it. I have found the community typically like to support local businesses and have thanked me for bringing something fresh to the area.

“I think it will be just what St John’s needs.”

Donna will also be selling her products online once the business opens.

Worcester News: Robyn Norfolk, Worcester City Councilor for St John's.Robyn Norfolk, Worcester City Councilor for St John’s.

Councilor Robyn Norfolk has also welcomed the idea of ​​a new home decor store in St John’s.

Councilor Norfolk said: “All retail for St John’s is brilliant to see. Job creation, new product availability and everything else good that comes with retail is certainly welcomed.

“The St John’s councilors have been actively appealing for signposts from the city council to let people know that we are a site for retail.”

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