New Rugs Based on Marvel Comics

living room with black and white spiderman rug

Courtesy of Ruggable

It’s hardly a secret anymore: Nerd culture is cool. Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe started taking over multiplexes back in 2008 with the release of Iron Man, its ever-expanding tentacles have spread into countless facets of life.

So it’s only logical that the next step would be home decor. After all, if you’re sitting on your sofa streaming a Marvel movie or TV show — next up: Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, premieres March 30 on Disney + —why not do it with an appropriate rug underfoot? Enter the new Marvel Collection from Ruggable, purveyors of affordable yet stylish washable rugs who have offered up everything of late from Star Wars rugs to pieces inspired by the work of Keith Haring, and even a designer collaboration last year with Jonathan Adler.

While some of the 28 chenille rugs certainly lean more toward the garish end of the spectrum — call it comic book chic? —Others are understated enough to go virtually unnoticed in a living room or den or, of course, a child’s room. Here are our favorites from this new collection fit for the multiverse.

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Webbed Hero Dark Gray Rug

Unlike in the movies, everyone’s favorite web slinger can fly under the radar on this monochromatic rug, which would blend in easily in almost any room. Also available in Marvel Red.

Marvel Damask Jade Green Rug

At first glance, this is nothing more than a sophisticated damask pattern. But look closer and you’ll discover the faces of Iron Man, Captain America, and friends scattered throughout. Also available in Charcoal and Stone.

Wakanda Forever Sahara Rug

Black Panther was one of the most acclaimed Marvel movies, so it’s only fitting that T’Challa gets his own stand-alone rug that celebrates the tribal motifs of his native Wakanda. Also available in Bronze, Black & Cream, and Dove Gray.

Infinite Heroes Ink Black Rug

This rug assembles almost all of the Avengers for a group portrait, if you will, in a freehand illustrated style. It’s more subtle from afar, only reading as a “superhero rug” up close. Also available in Charcoal.

The Soldier’s Shield Sapphire Blue Rug

It’s not a Berber, it’s not an ikat … rather, each of the hundreds of tiny circles that comprise this chic pattern are actually depictions of Captain America’s vaunted vibranium shield. Also available in Teal Blue and Deep Forest.

Web City Ink Blue Rug

Here’s another Spider-Man homage, this one rendered in a pattern that’s evocative of toile de Jouy. Also available in Ink Black.

Spidey-Sense Technicolor Rug

Sure, this one might be better suited for a kid’s room … but on the other hand, there are also times when you just need a little fwoosh in your life? Also available in Ink Black.

Invincible Iron Man Rug

If you’re going to go full-on comic book in your decorating scheme, you could do a lot worse than this life-size replica of an Iron Man cover.

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