No money down – how to buy property without paying anything

If you’ve ever watched TV after about 11:30 am, you’ve seen people talking about no-money property purchase courses. They feature holiday paradises, gorgeous girls, fancy cars and huge mansions. All of this is promised to you if you buy their million dollar course with nothing! If you want, you can spend “just three payments of $ 99.99” to learn about this exciting area … OR … I’ll just tell you for FREE!

However, I must first mention that ANY information combined with ANY action does NOT produce ANY result. If I came to your house and showed you everything personally and answered all your questions and you did NOTHING … it would be a waste of time. Yours and mine !! On the other hand, if you combine information with hard work, perseverance and above all GUTS, you will be successful whether you buy courses, read books for free in the library, or get information from me, right here!

I mentioned GUTS because everything has to be paid for. If you had a million dollars, you could easily buy an apartment building. Just pick the one that you like, has a good income, and has passed the building inspection.

If you DO NOT have a million dollars, what do you do? Well, get ready for the hard work looking for the right deal. Be prepared for a ton of offers to be rejected and possibly even laughed at. Get ready to hear some pompous real estate agent say to you (as one told me), “Son, I’ve been in real estate for thirty years, and let me tell you there is no such thing as a no-money deal. … “Be prepared to work on the deal and take the time to get it to crash.

You are about to make your initial investment in “sweat capital”. You will pay by acquiring more knowledge than others in the field of creative real estate, and you will long and hard look for MOTIVE sellers who are desperate to get rid of their property and therefore are ready to help you. First of all, you will pay by enduring the inevitable “startup disruptions” that ANY business or enterprise has. If it were easy to do, then everyone would do it, and there would be no properties left! It is this difficulty that makes it EASY if you know what you are doing !!

Ok, let’s go, but first you need to know one thing: IN REAL ESTATE ALL NEGOTIATIONS !! Let me say it again, because this is the backbone of creative real estate – in real estate, EVERYTHING is negotiable!

What does it mean? Are there boundaries? NO!! Can you get someone to enter into a 25-year sales agreement with little or no repayments and no credit check? YES!! Are there ten advertisements in the newspaper offering just such an agreement, or one? Probably not! What does it mean? EVERYTHING is discussed! If you find a motivated salesperson, someone who pays monthly to own that property, someone who doesn’t have the skills to fix it, someone who has moved out of a city or country, then they CAN go for it! Note that I did not say WILL for this, but MAY!

Think about yourself when you had a car that you wanted to get rid of because it was a piece of junk. If you were approached and asked “how much?”, You would answer “1000 dollars, firm.” But deep down, you knew you just wanted to get rid of the headache !! And if you’ve ever had to wait a month or two when no one was buying your car, you suddenly became less firm in price! And if the generator needed to be replaced before the machine started working, pretty soon you just want it to GET OUT of your hands !! You are NOW ready to accept monthly payments, maybe keep something safe, etc. You just want it to PASS!

It’s the same with real estate! They turn from our pride and joy into an albatross on our neck – then we are ready to do our best to get rid of them!

These people are not going to jump and say, “I am ready to make a deal without foreclosure for my property!” They will be depressed, like that guy with a jalopy in his backyard who has been sitting there for months. They’ll need a little persuasiveness, but if you find “I DO NOT WANT”, the hardest part will be done! Then you make offers, take a close look at each property to see if you can give it up (that’s a whole different report!) If you can get a property – sometimes you don’t need it either! Then all that remains is to make offers in person or through a realtor until you find someone who
ready to deal. The first time is the most difficult, because no matter how many times I tell you (or the guys from television) that it CAN be done, you will think “not for me, not here, in __________, not anymore, not with my area laws and regulations zoning, not with my personality, not with my brain, etc. “

You do not believe! Look at all the people in TV commercials – of all types and forms – they have ONE thing in common – they went out and DO IT!


Here’s a stream of minds on how to buy $ 000.00 down, but always remember REAL ESTATE IS ALL NEGOTIATED!

1) The easiest way to buy without extra money is to get the seller to enter into a sales contract. Monthly payments for 25 years are possible if the seller does not need the money and can be persuaded to receive his 6.7.8% return on his home instead of buying a 4% bond.

2) If you have good credit and do not want to invest in real estate, try the first mortgage, the seller bears a large second for the remainder. The seller gets, say, 75% and bears 25%.

3) Again, with good credit, try a first, smaller second, and a personal line of credit for the remainder – especially if the gap is only $ 10-15,000. It can even work for low-cost real estate where the first mortgage is combined with a PLC for the remainder – be smart enough to go to another bank for a PLC and tell them you’re going to make an investment with money – and don’t. Don’t tell ANY bank that you are doing a no-ransom deal!

4) Payment over time – for example, the seller wants to reduce the amount by $ 5,000. How about $ 400 per month per year? You are still paying, but over time, the property may bring in enough extra money to pay!

5) Tax arrears – I entered into transactions for which I accepted tax arrears – you can pay them off at your own pace!

6) Free lease – I made deals where the seller had office space in the building and took 2 years of free lease as a down payment! May also work for multiple families.

7) After closing, there are adjustments for this month’s rent – close the 2nd or 3rd to maximize this – and also for damage deposit, taxes payable for the period owned by the seller, utility bills, to be paid, etc. to a large amount!

8) Since the bank starts paying the mortgage one month after closing, a simple 2 week interest adjustment payment allows you to use the first month’s rent and apply the second month’s rent to the mortgage payment.

9) Loans for insurance policy, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. If you let the bank provide collateral, they will be very helpful.

10) Collect your Visa, Mastercard and American Expres. A little crazy, but I think this is a great investment!

11) Borrow from friends, relatives, boss (vacation pay?) Maybe even connect them as partners!

12) Affiliates are a surefire way to get big bank loans, ensure an adequate down payment, etc. Always look for people interested in this area and ask them what is holding them back from buying investment property. If your time, experience, etc. – then it suits you! All that is stopping you is money – and you’ve found this wonderful property, haven’t you?

13) Bring together a group of people – let’s say 9 investors, and you get the last tenth for creating the project – they will provide financial stability for the loan and maybe even the down payment! Anything is possible, remember? It’s a lot of work to find these people, but VERY lucrative! Start with dentists and doctors, lawyers, everyone you do business with!

14) Rent to Buy – Perhaps you pay for 3 years and then accumulate a down payment – in the meantime, real estate may rise in value, rents and so on.

15) Possibility of purchase – The seller retains the title and receives all the profits. You just pay a certain amount for the right (make it REALLY legal!) To purchase property for a certain amount in X years. For this option, there can be a transaction, for example, the exchange of an item or service for an option.

16) Let’s make the exchange of goods or services for prepayment our own idea!

17) Foreclosure – Perhaps shortly before it goes into foreclosure, you are offering to maintain payments and give the seller SOMETHING SOMETIMES in exchange for their capital. (He won’t get anything soon!) There is a lot of work available, a lot of books and ad services.

18) Repairing Damaged Property – Working with a Bank – Example: It costs $ 75,000, with a cleanup and repair of its value of 100,000 – the bank offers 75,000 mortgages based on future value – you need to fix it – looks like a sweat stock.

19) Renting out a property (like an office building) from an owner and subletting it to tenants – this has to be very legal and usually requires a significant effort to increase rents!

20) Pay someone to sign a loan

21) Get the realtor to carry your commission as a note – they HATE this, but if necessary ..

22) Air payment – nothing has been paid, the remainder is due after three years

23) Private Money From Mortgage Brokers – Ask Them! High interest rate, but ..

24) Refinance your property before you take over or after

25) Find a partner from whom he writes off negative cash flow, and you manage the property – this can work even when buying your personal home – the investor is always happy with a negative cash flow of $ 200 a month in exchange for taking care of the property. the tenant (you) and the investor share the profit on the sale.

This will be enough to start some kind of gear in your head. The most important part is to keep trying and be creative. Combining the pieces of one idea and another and constantly figuring out what the salesperson wants will lead you to solutions. Always look for ways to make you both happy. Everyone needs cash right now – not everyone gets it! Think of a Junker’s car in your backyard and look for ways to HELP the other person – they want to sell!

First of all, keep looking! It will not be a mistake on your part if someone clings to the hope that they will receive a certain price or certain conditions. If they can – great! If not, come back in a few months. Many properties still stay there and with MUCH more receptive sellers after the property “sits in the backyard, rusts” (or accumulates negative cash flow and headaches of property maintenance and management). Try and try again!

Look online for new information and additional opportunities, connect with other investors, you can use ads to indicate what you are looking for, partners needed, etc. Check your public library for more information about real estate and business. Keep working and looking – keep looking for real estate and more information – one idea could cost you a fortune – go to seminars when they come to your city – and the sum is “Eureka!” screamed in the middle of the night.

It is quite obvious that buying with a low down payment is much easier than buying absolutely nothing, so be sure to save some money to make things easier for you. Even with a transaction without prepayment, cash may be required for legal fees, closure, etc.

Good luck!

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