Pan mixer structure and working principle

Our architecture and construction world is changing rapidly due to modern technology and modern machinery. Urbanization is taking us to tall buildings for offices and household needs. In this context, construction is the key element and for a strong infrastructure we need basic elements like cement, concrete and machinery. Concrete mixers are traditionally made using hand feed methods. However, the major drawback of the procedure is that it is time consuming. As an alternative to the method, builders are relying on pan mixers. Pan mixers are used to make concrete mix batches. The main advantage of machine blending is the consistency of the mixture and its performance.

Pen mixers mainly consist of frame, string cover, follow-up pedal, cylinder, lifting slider mechanism, electric part, etc. The size of the tank and the speed of the mixer depends on the product you choose according to the needs of the site. . The device comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and principles. Large mixers are suitable for large construction sites with strong mixing power and large tanks for continuous batches. Portable mixers are used to make small batches and can be easily moved from one place to another. You can effectively improve the quality and speed of mixing with high quality products.

There are different types of mixers available in the market including vertical shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer, drum mixer, portable mixer etc. You can choose from a large range of products according to the needs of the site. Preparation of concrete mix is ​​a three step process which involves loading, mixing and disposal of materials.

its loading: For better consistency of the mixture you need to load the desired product in appropriate quantity. You need to load all the components like cement, sand, gravel, concrete etc. with adequate amount of water for permanent mixture.

Mixing: Depending on the needs of the site, you may need a variety of stationary mixers with different mixing efficiency and capacity. Using mixing energy and forces, the device is used to obtain a permanent mixture of concrete.

exhale: The prepared mixture is removed from the device in a rewinding motion. You can get the final product, that is, blend easily. You do not need to put much effort into extracting the mixture.

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