ProForm 980 Audio Trainer Review

ProForm always fails me for not giving a guarantee for any of their machines. But with the ProForm 980 Audio Trainer, they’ve created an inexpensive machine that’s packed with great features and can be a great addition to your home if you can get your extended third party warranty.

Treadmill ProForm 980 Audio Trainer Specifications

  • Engine – 2.25 HP
  • Foldable – Yes
  • The maximum speed is 10 mph.
  • Slope – 0% -10%
  • Walking surface – 55 “x 20”
  • Display – backlit dot matrix
  • Programs – 16
  • Dimensions – N / A
  • Treadmill Weight – Not Available
  • Maximum user weight 325 lbs
  • Warranty – Lifetime engine and frame warranty

Ifit’s personal trainer system is undoubtedly a star. With a sound system designed to use the Ifit system to receive audio signals during a user’s workout, and with 16 Ifit programs built into the simulator. This machine uses Ifit cards, which I believe are available for around $ 20 when I last checked and did around 30 workouts each.

The sound system can also be used with your iPod to listen to your favorite music while exercising. Another stellar feature of this machine is its adjustable cushioning. Now you can choose how firm you want your foot to feel when dropped – a feature usually reserved for much higher-priced cars.

Nice, despite some drawbacks.

Warranty is always a concern when it comes to any Icon brand. At least this machine is covered by a Lifetime Frame and Engine Warranty. The materials used in this machine are not the best and the engine power is a little underpowered when using this machine at high speeds. And of course, I always prefer the treadmill over the runner, so a 55-inch belt length is usually an automatic flaw.

Now that I have said that, the 980 Audio is a pleasure to use. It’s relatively calm, fairly sturdy, and overall pretty smooth. Its speakers offer quality sound and help create a personalized Ifit workout system that is, as always, a value when included in an Icon machine. The inclusion of adjustable cushioning adds a sense of luxury to a car that typically retails for under $ 800.

Don’t expect parts to last forever, but the specs and price of this machine almost makes me forget the fact that Icon is still considered a poorly performing manufacturer after years of growing quality issues and a few key reviews. It’s a pleasant machine to use and great for most types of exercise, but as always the 55-inch strap is not long enough for the tallest people to be comfortable with this machine. Overall, this car is well finished and seems to be planned.

Suitable characteristics and the right price

With speakers, a working motor and a working system, Ifit ProForm made a pretty good car. It definitely carries the stigma of a company known for its quality problems, but it doesn’t have the worst track record so far.

The ProForm 980 Audio Trainer is a great gaining machine and with the Ifit system you can have a great workout without worrying about all the details like timing, speed and incline, the trainer does it all for you. …

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