Pros and cons of arranging your dream kitchen yourself

With the boom in online sales of flat kitchens, more and more people are taking on the task of planning, buying and equipping their own kitchens, so I decided to take a look at some of the pros and cons of doing a DIY kitchen project.


PRICE – First of all, the main reason why it is worth taking on a project like kitchen renovation is to keep costs down. Since companies offer “ no interest ” or “ buy now, pay later ” options to entice shoppers to do whatever they want in one simple purchase, this makes it very attractive for would-be kitchen makers to create the perfect kitchen on paper and cut expensive markups in the store. … Costs are also kept to a minimum as there is no need for experienced kitchen installers as you plan to do the job yourself.

LEAD TIME Ordering directly from a supplier often means delivery times are much, much, much shorter than they would be if you bought from a store or local kitchen craftsmen, as flat packing boxes are often stocked and can be dispatched by courier within a few hours. … … In contrast, in my experience, specialized kitchen companies that supply you with the kitchen can take 6 to 16 weeks for delivery, and the set-up time depends on other customers’ schedules.


TIME Kitchen renovations can take from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks. This usually means taking a break from work to take on a task, which often takes a lot longer than you think – I’ve heard so many cases of people taking a week off to do the kitchen just to still be doing it. months later, since the rest they can only do in the evenings and on weekends!

QUALITY As in any industry, there are specialists in their field and people who consider themselves experts. More often than not, experts have many years of experience and know many tricks to get the perfect edge on a corner block or a smooth joint on a countertop. Experienced home craftsmen can do a great job of flat packing furniture, but the intricate nature of kitchen cabinets, measuring sink holes, aligning kitchen hinges on doors and the like is a completely different ball game and often results in far from perfect. the finish.

KNOWLEDGE There are many parts to furnishing a kitchen, and even the most responsive kitchen vendors can give you just a few tips. It is often very easy to choose cabinet doors and countertops with the finish you want, but what about things like the weight the drawers will take? If it’s a cutlery drawer it’s not too heavy, but if it’s a drawer for pots and pans, will the drawer runners take over?

My conclusion

A full kitchen is a big expense, often comparable to buying such as a car, so based on that, would you ever buy a flat kit to build your family car? I guess not, so why risk this investment by cutting corners? Always use the services of professional installers – they are experienced and often so efficient that their time is not always as precious as you think!

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