Restaurant Floors – Important Tips to Keep the Floors in Excellent Condition

In order to clean restaurant floors you need to gather basic items. It is not difficult, you can clean any concrete, resin, wood or laminate floor in no time! It is very important not to leave anything wet on the floor for a long time because the floor can become easily damaged. Become aware of details to avoid future consequences that may bring you down. Your restaurant must always give a good impression so unless you take care of everything, you won´t have customers. In addition, you don’t want to lose your current loyal clients so start enhancing the entire atmosphere. You can start by gathering:

Floor Cleaner

• Microfiber cloth

• Apple cider vinegar

To begin:

Daily or at least every two days, you have to pass a microfiber cloth. This will help control dust and the restaurant floors will look clean and bright! Take your time so you can ensure a good outcome. Remember to always wipe the floor with a microfiber cloth, any other type of sweeping shake the powder but not remove it. It is imperative to follow each step properly or else you won´t feel satisfied.

At least once or twice a week, wash the restaurant floor with wood cleaner. Make sure you read the instructions that will tell you what type of mop you use. Have to use a good quality to avoid damaging the floor. In addition, you might consider cleaning the floor whenever you are closed. For instance, if your restaurant remains open the whole week but closes on Sunday, you might go for the deep cleaning Saturday night.

Do not forget to add a little cider vinegar to the rinse water; This will help remove any dirt left on the floor. It is a traditional method which is highly effective, the best part is, and you will be going natural. Chemical free options are always better, especially since you are working with food! Use only the amount of cleaner needed. If you use too much, it will become difficult to remove and may leave a residue when it dries. Remove scuff marks with a soft cloth and a bit of floor cleaner. Pour the liquid onto the cloth and rub gently. Be sure to rub with a move in the direction of clockwise, avoiding laundering in a particular area.

To prevent dirt from your restaurant floors between each cleaning, you can place mats at the entrances to the different spots; they help trap dirt when people walk across the floor. You won´t be able to tell whether you are right or wrong, yet, techniques will be mastered as times goes by. The most important thing is to take care of your floor so you can keep up with your restaurant overall appearance. A clean image is always good.


Make sure to clean the rugs frequently. You don’t want to have clients step on dirty carpets. In addition, you must ensure a healthy environment that will go along with quality food.

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