Sam and Lily Knottman Decoy Makers

There is a sculptor behind every quality dico. The two leading artisans in the industry are Sam and Lily Knottleman. You must know these names if you have started collecting decoys. They form a team that makes up some of the top decoy pieces available. Here are some interesting details you should know about them:

1. They live in Minnesota.
Sam and Lily make their wonderful decoys from their home-studio in Winona, Minnesota. They are surrounded by rolling bluffs and the lovely Mississippi River. Sam and Lily are both interested in waterfall and folk art. With Sam and Lily’s respective skills in carving and painting, their wedding formed a team that created a fabulous decorative decoy collection that has become famous.

2. They make decoys for the Lone Lake decoy company.
Those interested in collecting decoys should consider Sam and Lily’s wonderful decoys. He started working for Luke Lake in the early 1990’s, and has made many quality sculptures for him ever since.

3. The process starts with a block of wood.
If you buy a decoy from Lake Loon, you can fully appreciate the workmanship that goes into the piece carving and painting. The whole process (tupelo) begins with a block of wood, originating from Louisiana. Sam first draws a decoy pattern. He then uses a variety of grinders and other tools in the process of refining the wooden block. Surprisingly, it takes more than 100 hours for a bird to shape the wood. Meanwhile, large birds can take up to 400 hours to build. Sam then uses a burning pen to draw patterns on the bird’s wings. This process can take up to a month to complete!

4. Extensive painting combines finishing touches.
As those now interested in collecting decoys, the painstaking process of creating a handcrafted decoy with the addition of elaborate paint patterns continues. Lily uses a variety of brushes, and various acrylic paints to work her magic. To give the decoy a more natural look, she uses an airbrush to match the individual colors on the piece.

5. Their creations are life.
In fact, Lake Loon’s decoy collection has become world famous for the natural look of its fragments. This includes the life forms of birds as well as their realistic action poses. Anyone who is serious about starting a decoy collection of high quality pieces should definitely consider Lune Lake.

6. Their Master Carver Series is the best.
Sam and Lily have created a variety of sculptures such as; “Columbia” which is part of their Master Carver series. The only work that honors the American Bald Eagle represents over 600 hours of wages.

If you have a decoy collection or you can start one, you should definitely consider the works of Sam and Lily Knottleman. Their exquisite workmanship is reflected in the carvings and paintings of each piece they make. Notelman’s works reflect the beauty, purity, and quality of the hand-crafted decoy.

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