Selling from the owner is a smart choice for independent sellers

Selling from owner is one of the fastest growing segments of the real estate industry. Also abbreviated as FSBO, it refers to the practice of selling property without the intervention of a broker. Some FSBO sellers do use the limited services of a real estate broker to list their homes using a multiple listing service. With the right research and marketing efforts, you can sell your FSBO home and avoid costly brokerage fees. These real estate broker commissions can range from 5% to 10% of the final home price. The FSBO sale gives the homeowner better control over the sales and marketing process and attracts buyers who may not be attracted by conventional real estate ads. Since FSBO sellers are often willing to negotiate with the buyer, such as leasing to their own position, buyers can negotiate directly with the owner. Sale from owner Sale accounted for 12-13% of real estate sold in 2005 and 2006.

Marketing your FSBO property is an important part of the selling process. Buyers cannot come and see your home if they don’t know it’s there. The easiest and least expensive way is a yard sign. In areas with hot real estate markets, yard signage can be enough to draw buyers to your door. Even in slower markets, signs can attract stakeholders in your immediate vicinity.

An ad is placed next to the yard sign. It is still inexpensive and easy to reach a large number of people. Local newspapers are read by many potential clients every week. A short ad that runs multiple times will attract more people than a long ad that only appears a few times. You can also announce open houses and other similar events using classified ads.

Brochures and message board announcements are another good way to draw attention to your home. You can use your camera and computer to advertise FSBO sales. These advertisements can be placed in many public buildings and workplaces. You can also make brochures available in a container attached to your yard sign. Be sure to keep a few at home so that visitors can remember important information about the home they are visiting. Home buyers see a lot of homes in a day, so a brochure might be something to make them think of your FSBO property and end up selling it.

Another great way to sell your property for sale from an owner is through the FSBO websites on the Internet. These sites allow you to post details and photographs of your home, including open house dates and other events. A site like or a site found through a search engine can help you cover a wide range of browsers. Many people in the real estate market are now starting their home searches on the Internet with the FSBO site. For a small fee, these websites can dramatically improve your exposure. If you are comfortable with the sales and negotiation processes, there is no reason why you should pay a realtor for something you could do yourself. Hot real estate markets can render real estate agents virtually useless.

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