Shea McGee embraces this decorative home decor trend

We all know that finding your interior design style makes interior design decisions that much easier. Once you have calculated that you are more 70’s boho than good looking industry, it limits your choices enormously.

But it can be so refreshing to shake things up from time to time and inject a “disruptive” home decor trend into your styling – as interior designer Shea McGee does this year. The Texan designer is best known for house flipping shows Dream home makeover on Netflix (if you have not seen it, you must).

The series renovator reveals that in 2022 she will branch out from the “classic modern rustic” look she is known for, and embrace romantic textures and patterns with elaborate finishes.

bright bedroom with ruffle bedding, bedside tables and drawers

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Shea McGee on the decorative home decor trend she will embrace in 2022

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