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By Jennie Guido

Downtown Natchez has become a popular shopping destination in the last year and offers almost everything you could need without having to leave the city. Throughout the year, I want to help highlight these companies and what they have in store. So, let’s shop block by block through the center.

Double N Designs & Powdercoating, 700 Main Street

Double N Designs & Powdercoating is new in the city center and is located in the old Natchez Steam Laundry building on the corner of Main and Rankin Street. Trenton Novak and his team can help with all those chunky sets of lawn furniture that need to be spruced up.

I have seen posts on social media that you can be lucky from time to time and find a set for sale and choose your color to paint it. But their talents are not just limited to furniture. They can powder coat parts for your truck, planters for your garden and even metal signs that need a new coat.

You can not miss the light green dinosaur outside! Follow them.

Sherwin Williams, 706 Main Street

That’s exactly what you think it is. Sherwin Williams on Main Street is a home improvement store for slash paint. For those looking for a simple change at the beginning of the year in their home, this is the easiest (and usually most cost effective) way to add a little pizzeria to your house.

I’m not going to lie. When I walk into any store with a color department, I come out with a handful of swatches. Am I planning to paint something? Probably not; but if a wild strand of hair should appear, I have alternatives somewhere in my kitchen’s rubbish bin.

Maybe this year you need an accent wall in your living room. Maybe your shutters need a new coat of paint. Do you want to paint your front door? Sherwin Williams’ color of the year for 2022 is Evergreen Fog.

Maybe it’s time for a new coat of paint.

Eccentricites, 707 Main Street

This may be one of my favorite stores in town. Then again, I’m obsessed with home decor and trinkets. The owner and curator of this delightful stop at the beginning of Main Street, Gigi Johnson, knows exactly how to create an inviting store with something for everyone’s style.

By mixing shipping items and some newer retail details, Excentricities can help furnish your home and turn it into a home. From upholstered club chairs to antique suitcases and the perfect table lamp to attach to your bookshelves, you simply will not pay attention if you leave this store empty-handed.

My home is filled with interesting finds that I have found over the years, which include an adorable iron mouse door stop in my living room. I have also lusted over a fitted fake cow head that I hope has finally found a home and does not have to live with me.

Gigi’s Eccentricites have exactly what you did not know you needed and just can not live without.

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