Silence when buying a home is the ultimate negotiation tactic

A home buyer who knows how to negotiate should have several tactics in his arsenal. However, you may never have heard (pun intended) one of the most powerful tactics. Using silence in negotiations can earn you more money per word than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. Watch and enjoy.

I once represented the buyer of a residential complex. The residential complex was also sold by a real estate agent selling real estate. The asking price was $ 1,050,000. I went on a tour of this residential complex without my buyer and at the end of the meeting inquired about the asking price. The owner / agent said, “That’s $ 1,050,000.” I used a technique called shrinking. I said “Million fifty thousand !! My customer cannot pay for this. This is too much! And then I fell silent. He kind of fidgeted awkwardly for a few seconds when the silence became unbearable, and then he said, “Well, the best I can do is $ 960,000.” It rolled off the $ 90,000 price tag in less than 20 seconds.

Suppose that instead of keeping silent and giving the floor to the seller, I spoke up again. What do you think would be the chances that he would concede a significant portion of the money? Probably not very much. Most likely, he would let me continue the conversation and tell him how much my customer would pay, and then use cringing tactics on me. Silence is one of the most effective tactics in negotiators’ arsenal, but one of the most difficult to master. Why is this?

It is difficult to master silence, because it is uncomfortable to remain silent in the presence of another person. The next time you are with someone, be silent for 15 seconds. Not while the other person is talking. When there is a break in the conversation or a verbal submission is directed at you, wait 15 seconds before firing back. You’ve probably just experienced an awkward silence. And you did it on purpose. Imagine that you didn’t know it was a game and someone used this technique on you. The anxiety that builds up is enough to make even the most introverted person chatter uncontrollably. This is the power of silence.

When you are negotiating your home and using tactics or making a verbal proposal, be silent and do not speak again until the other side speaks up. Make it a game if you like and see who blinks first. As soon as silence becomes uncomfortable for the seller, he will most likely start talking, and if he continues, he will most likely negotiate against himself or provide you with useful information. They can lower the price if you applied the tactic, or they can accept the offer if you made an offer. But even if they do not make concessions, you will not lose anything by trying it, not even the air from your lungs. You might just wonder how much you can get.

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