Spring-themed ideas for home decor

Are you feeling the joys of spring? Why not use this new season as a fresh start for your home interiors? After all, these are the months where new beginnings happen and there’s a sense that anything is possible.

So, to update your décor, here are some ideas that are sure to reinvigorate your home.

Add flowers

Flowers are everywhere at this time of year. Little crocuses appear as early as February, but they’re everywhere by April, while vibrant tulips and elegant peonies pop up in gardens and green spaces across the UK.

If you’re green-fingered, you might be spring flowers for the garden, from primroses to snowdrops. But why not bring these beautiful blooms indoors? Fill vases with floral combinations that make you happy and you’ll find this simple addition will lift the room.

Put up floral wallpaper

Of course, flowers do not last forever – but wallpaper does. Luckily, both wallpaper and flowers are major interiors trends for 2022, so this is the perfect opportunity to make a statement.

You can opt for a vibrant palette or pastel-toned chintzy walls. Whichever you choose will form the focal point in the room, and you can plan the rest of your décor around these shades.

Play with color

This is a great opportunity to mix and match colors. Pastels are always a favorite at this time of year. The pale greens and gentle blues that are popular right now are perfect for this transitional season.

Cooler colors like these are often used in bedrooms as these are soothing and leave you feeling calm. The Color Affects theory states that blue is classed as the color of the mind. Green is the color of balance. Both are well-suited to this time of year when we pause and get ready for the seasons to come.

Elsewhere, neutral trends are leaning away from the grays we’ve seen in recent years and towards slightly creamy off-whites. This slightly warm tone serves as a reminder that it’s still chilly out there but summer days are on the way.

Introduce new lighting

While winter months are when everything is cozy, we have not arrived at the curtains open, no lights necessary at 10pm stage of the year. To make things extra snuggly as the warm days make way for cooler nights, hang some indoor lanterns for an instant cozy feel.

You can also play around with the lighting you already have. Try moving your standing lamp to the other side of the room or placing the table lamp in a different corner. Suddenly, the space seems totally different.

Hang mirrors

Maximize the light in your home by investing in mirrors. A well placed mirror can perfectly reflect the light and create an inviting space. It’s particularly worth introducing mirrors in the smaller rooms in the home, so if you’re playing around with the interiors in your attic or box room, you’ll find that a mirror is transformative.

What are your plans for your spring makeover?

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