Stop board fencing – 3 reasons to choose this type of fencing

If you are thinking of installing a new garden fence, it is important to choose the right fencing for the job. Making the right decision can save you a lot of money in the long run and you can build your fence for many years. Enjoy a private garden.

Closed board fencing is a great option, because:

1) Close board fencing is one of the strongest types of fencing available, it can be made in two ways, individually installing prefabricated panels or hand-made wooden slats, The pieces run horizontally “no” like lap panels but are “vertical slates” of wood.

2) A typical panel will be 6 ‘x 6’ and will either come down between the concrete slabs or can be mounted on wooden rails, making it easier to erect adjacent boards with existing fence slabs. Goes

3) Close board fence can be made by hand on site, it can also be installed using concrete posts or wooden lines, this hand made fence is commonly known as close board base. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. The site is that you can have existing posts that are not exactly 6 feet apart, which means that if you put a fence on the site it will fit perfectly inside your existing posts, which is a Better results.

If you wanted to build this fence on site, the way to do that is to install the posts then attach the iris rail, then attach the individual pieces of feather edge, feather edge are the pieces of wood that are connected vertically Have happened

To extend the life of your fence you will install gravel boards, gravel boards is a concrete platform that sits directly under the fencing panel or bay. This prevents the panel or bay from touching any mud and will help prevent the panel or bay from rotting.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new garden fence you may want to consider installing a nearby board fence as it is very strong, can be used with existing concrete or wooden posts and if you have existing If there are posts, it can also be created on the site. Separate distances.

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