Striking decor ideas for your home entrance to make a memorable first impression

They say the first impression is the last! The initial imprint you depict of your abode from your entryway always counts in the minds and hearts of your guests. Your entrance reflects a warm, welcoming and chic vibe and if you come under the population who often neglect to decorate the entryway, thinking that it’s an extremely small space and does not need any sprucing up, then you need to rethink. A well-designed entryway sets the tone for the dwelling and that’s why giving it a redo and installing things that reflect your personality is a must. If you want to swap your dull entrance for enthralling elements then here are some décor ideas that can help.

Beautiful rugs

Right after passing through the door, the image of the few blocks after opening the main door is just as important as the look of your living room. Leaving the floor as it is can look quite dull and instead you can try this very simple swap to jazz up the décor of your foyer. Multi-colored rugs with quirky messages or words will set a classic tone. Make sure you choose a rug that has a resilient material like wool. Different shapes and bold colors can also be picked as per your space and the theme of the interior.

Beautiful rugs

Pieces of artwork

Thinking outside the box is an outstanding way to step the edges of the ordinary and to make your entrance disarmingly charming. Whilst the quirky patterns, bold combinations or textured walls are in trend and look absolutely stunning, if you have a small space or budget constraint you can skip this and opt for big exclusive paintings, art galleries or a framed mirror to adorn your entryway exquisitely. Make sure to follow the same theme throughout for a more enhanced appearance.

Big dangling light fix

Hanging a big statement light fixture over the ceiling is a great way to highlight the space where you greet your visitors. Not only does it show off your ceiling but it also enhances the other fixtures significantly. Embrace different shapes, sizes, lines and circles to clue the eyes into a wow moment.

Dangling light fix

The mirror-touch

Affixing mirrors in the entryway is one big secret to making your space big while reflecting additional light into it. Moreover, it affixes elegance while crafting an astounding visual. You can go with small geometric pieces arranged in a very cool way or you can also go with the big mirror frames or floor-length ones to pull together an area that looks soothing and sophisticated.

The mirror touch

While these are the basic elements that can jewel your foyer charmingly, your personal liking can aid in making a major difference. Before investing in the pieces ask yourself what kind of style you adore? What vibe do you want to give your entrance? And how do you go with the look- minimal or overboard?

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