The Best Gear For At-Home Wellness

When moms are asked what they’d like for Mother’s Day, the answer is often time to recharge. And, while a trip to the spa or a getaway would be nice, giving her something she can regularly use at home to support self-care also checks this box. Sometimes all it takes to slow down and focus on wellness is the right gift to remind her of the importance of caring for herself like she does for others. Here is the best gear to support at-home wellness for Mother’s Day this year.

Healthmate Plus Air Filter by Austin Air, $ 855

Moms have a funny way of putting off buying the items they really want and chances are, if she has not bought one already, she’s had her eye on a quality air filter. Thanks to massive wildfires in many parts of the west, air filters are becoming especially important to wellness – and are useful anywhere with allergens or air pollution. An air filter like this Healthmate Plus Air Filter by Austin Air is something she’ll appreciate for years to come. It is medical grade and filters out 99% of aerosolized viruses and bacteria and also removes VOCs, gases, chemicals, and formaldehyde, making it especially good for areas with annual wildfire smoke.

Green Tara Singing Bowl from DharmaShop, $ 65

Sound has been proven to provide healing properties and encouraging mom to slow down, meditate, and use a sound bowl is something she’ll appreciate. Sound bowls encourage self-care and also make beautiful home decor. This Green Tara Singing Bowl from DharmaShop was handcrafted in Nepal and features Green Tara, the youthful savior-goddess of compassion.

Mafate Speed ​​3 Trail Running by HOKA, $ 180

Get mom walking or running outside with these Mafate Speed ​​3 Trail Running Shoes by HOKA. Made from many sustainable components, mom will approve of their eco-friendly vibe. And, designed to handle technical trail running, these shoes will live up to whatever trail she decides to take on – even if it’s just the jogging path in her own neighborhood.

Dynamic Santiago 2-person Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna, $ 1849.99

If you really want to spoil mom, this Dynamic Santiago 2-person Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna from COSTCO will do the trick. And, if you like the idea but want to spend less, portable saunas are more affordable and growing in popularity right now. Saunas are great for health and post-workout recovery – they make a wonderful addition to any wellness routine.

GRP Lite Hot Yoga Mat by Manduka, $ 100

Maybe mom has a yoga mat or two lying around her house, but does she have one made to stay dry during sweaty practices? Forget the yoga towels, this GRP Lite Hot Yoga Mat by Manduka is made with a charcoal-infused rubber core that helps the mat stay dry and still provide good traction.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle, $ 16.47

Mental wellness should never be overlooked and gifting mom Untamed by Glennon Doyle is sure to make her laugh, cry, and take better care of herself. In this memoir, Doyle shares the life-changing moments that made her reevaluate how she saw the world and herself. It’s exactly the liberation every mom needs – and it also comes with permission for her to lie on the couch and read it without having to worry about anything else.

Luxury Fitness Tracker by Fitbit, $ 129.95

Whether mom already loves to move or needs a little encouragement, a fitness tracker makes a great gift. This Fitbit Luxe is both pretty and practical – it gets up to five days of battery life and will track mom’s steps, heart rate, and sleep quality. It also provides breathing sessions to help manage stress.

Therapist Select Pro Percussion Massager by HoMedics, $ 199.99

Help mom soothe her achy muscles with a Therapist Select Pro Percussion Massager by HoMedics. Chiropractors often use these to help relax muscles and mom can do this for herself at home with the various settings and heads. Bonus points if you help her reach her tired neck and shoulders.

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