The Complete Guide to Buying the Perfect Foosball Table

Whenever I think of foosball tables, I am reminded of the episodes from Friends in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. The “good game” was given by Chandler at the end of the game against his roommate. The actors make the game so easy and I have wanted table football since their first game. However, have you ever tried playing foosball?

I was once in a friend’s lounge and he had a good table football. My only friend and I pretended to be Joey and Chandler playing foosball. Never played before so had no idea how difficult it was. Upon seeing the tiny ball, the players would die to the side and force them to go forward and also act as the goalkeeper.

There are several factors when buying a table, including:

Budget: If you’re not going to play that much, it isn’t worth spending around $ 1,000 or more. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than a few hundred. Regular players like me can get away with a cheaper quality table and that was one of the defining factors for me. For the casual soccer player at parties, a $ 100 to $ 500 table might be enough.

Who ?: When I bought my foosball, I bought it for my college friends and myself. Knowing the people I was going to play with, I didn’t want to buy something too expensive. If you are also a college student, I would not recommend shelling out $ 1,000 unless you are looking to build a competitive and professional team. Always buy for the people who will use it the most, and remember if they are rough or soft.

Table material: My friends and I are a little rough, so I chose a durable plastic. I was afraid that the wooden table would be too easy to scratch, and some of the chipboard would break easily. This list contains products whose main material is chipboard.

Players: The total number of men for table football should be 11. Although there may be only a few fishing rods, we were able to play 2 versus 2 table football. It’s not always a heads-up game.

Size: There are many different sizes of table football tables as they are not all the same height. If you are like me, standard foosball will be the only one that is ideal in height for you. Standard foosball tables are about 2 ½ feet wide and 5 feet long. For a control table, the dimensions are about 30 “wide, 56” long, and 36 “high. Keep this in mind as you search.

Goalkeepers: There are two options for configuring goalkeepers. The first was the one-man goalkeeper system and the three-man goalkeeper team. Every time I played, I noticed that the ball bounced and hit two side players, but was not near the goal. Then I realized that these two men are serving as players to keep the ball moving, not as goalkeepers.

Before making a large selection, I asked myself the following questions:

1. How small is my area?
Since I didn’t have a lot of free space, the large table was not in my field of vision. So I bought the desktop version.

2. Do I need a goalkeeper formation: 1 or 3?
Depending on your daily or serious needs, you may prefer one over the other. Always check the goalkeeper’s configuration parameters. I chose the three-goaltender configuration to make it more fun to keep the ball in play than to compete too much and not have fun.

The quality specs I looked for in my search were the size of the table football, the overall design of that table, the build, and of course the reviews. Through verified reviews, I was able to determine which foosball is best for my lifestyle. The photographs were also a decisive factor for me to understand if I like the aesthetics of table football. Individual reviews of each table soccer table also helped me determine the quality of the game.

Often, customers are looking for a new table football table because their table either broke or was out of date. When I first bought a table football table, I understood that disappointment forces me to make a choice. By reviewing the finest quality foosball tables on the market today, I hope to help you make a decision that will last you for years to come.

While searching for different types of table football tables, I came across two types of ratings for table football tables. These classes are known as Home Models and Professional Models, although some of the “Home Models” are built to professional grade standards. Tables like these are available at the consumer level, but a little more expensive, which I wasn’t particularly interested in but wanted to give it a try.

Higher quality professional tables will have more features like levelers and grading units that I mentioned earlier. Precision is a key factor in a successful table football game. Any uneven floor can severely affect a table without a leveler. If you don’t tolerate losing as easily as I do, you want the playing field to be as fair as possible.

Since I live in an apartment near the college campus, this is an older house. Since it’s older, I definitely needed to find a table with some sort of alignment mechanism. Levelers play a huge role in the success of your home desk. By paying extra to get more, I was able to ensure that everyone gets a chance to win.

The main difference between all tables except measurements is the number of people in the field. As I mentioned, there is a difference between a one-goalkeeper goalkeeper system and a three-goalkeeper system. That’s the difference for me between “sold” and “no thanks.”

For those who won’t use foosball a lot, but want to have it for family or college parties, as we mentioned, I suggest you get a more compact and less professional one. If you buy it for toddlers at family parties, a compact foosball will suffice.

If your parties are somewhat similar to mine and consist mainly of cheerful and adventurous adults who love table football, then I suggest buying a larger table. In this situation, the table can be placed in the basement, garage or backyard so that it does not interfere with you, but is easily accessible.

Choosing the best for your lifestyle

For those on a budget who don’t prefer height, the compact Sport Squad FX40 might be the best table football. It will be cheaper for a limited time. This is up from the tallest I’ve talked about and provides versatility in height.

If you want to play at a professional grade table and don’t have a lot of funds, the best foosball table for your needs is the Tornado Sport foosball table. This table may be at the top of the price range, but the rich mahogany will last you years and allows you to choose the height.

Hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about foosball tables and you’re ready to buy them.

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