The Hearth Room celebrates Spring Fling

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – With Spring right around the corner, several downtown businesses decided to participate in the Spring Fling.

In an effort to bring business downtown, several shops and boutiques offered deals to attract customers.

The Hearth Room a home decor store began their business in the midst of the pandemic and participated in Spring Fling.

Jessica Hayes, organizer of the event and owner of the store says it is important to support small businesses.

“When we have people shop here locally, it’s something where you know, as a local store, we were able to take you know, those funds and you know, support our community in many ways. I know that we have given to a lot of the, you know, charities and things around town help with the tornado relief and different things like that. And so having people come out and support the small businesses, it allows us to give back to something that is really special to us, to our neighbors and that is so important, ”says Hayes.

The Hearth Room is located at 906 State Street.

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