The Minneapolis architect’s “cozy” contemporary home lists for $ 1.495 million

With more than 200 residential architectural assignments in his name, the award-winning architect Randy Buffie has done his fair share of projects.

When it came time to redesign the home he bought in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, the architect knew exactly what he wanted: a modern single-story home on the ground floor plus a wagon-like accessory (ADU) above the garage.

“We did not hold back. It is the same remains of craftsmanship and advanced builders that I have worked with forever,” he said of the home he built in the spring of 2019.

Buffie started with a 1st floor, three bedrooms and a bathroom, and then took it down to the joists to reconfigure the layout. He even put on a supplement.

“We wanted to get a little more square footage of living space on the main level,” said the founder of Buffie Architect, which specializes in custom home design.

The two bedrooms and a bathroom on the main floor were converted into a large owner’s suite, complete with a walk-in closet and an attached bathroom.

Another bathroom was added as part of the extension, which was built at the back of the home. The addition also provided space for a new dining room, a home office and a sunroom that led to a new outdoor deck. A laundry room was added on the main floor. And the house was equipped with high-efficiency oven systems and spray foam insulation.

The one-car garage was reconfigured into a heated two-car garage. A 700 square meter ADU with a bedroom and a bathroom was built on top of the garage, which Buffie rents out.

While the home underwent a total transformation, Buffie kept some things true.

“I deliberately left the front facade facing the streetscape unassuming so it did not look like a spaceship landed,” he said. “Apart from siding on the street side of the house, this is basically a brand new home. When you walk through the front door and work your way to the back, it opens. “People are surprised because the back looks completely different from the street scene.”

A professional touch

Of course, Buffie put his own spin on the home. And his girlfriend, Lila Tully, former owner of Rubble Tile in St. Louis. Louis Park, helped with interior details.

“There was no bay before. I put one in that reached the front of the home and moved out the back of the landscaping. It gave the front of the house more substance rather than being thin and one-dimensional,” Buffie said.

During his almost 30-year career, Buffie has made it a point to bring sunlight into his home, and his home was no exception. He maximized the view while praising the space that existed before.

“When we first looked at the home, there was a skylight in the villa that gave a click of sunlight from upstairs to downstairs. I wanted to expand these vertical beams in other parts. It became an inspiration in [primary] bedrooms and bathrooms on the main level, “said Buffie.

Other design details include maple floors and Wakanda Quartzite stone countertops. In the kitchen, first-class appliances melt seamlessly with cabinets made of Avodire wood veneer.

“It’s one big modern cupboard,” he said of the cupboards. “So you turn the other way and there are four more armoires that are set as if it were furniture, but it is cabinets.”

In the bedroom, an L-shaped limestone wall extends in the direction of the bathroom.

“It reminds me of 2014 when we hiked the Camino [de Santiago in Portugal and Spain]. It was so cool with the stone walls that must have been 8 inches thick, “Buffie said.” It was an interesting collage between the old and the new. It became a warm textural element in [primary] suite.”

Move on

Now Buffie and Tully move on.

To prepare for a move to Las Vegas, a place they have grown to love after friends moved there in recent years, they have released their 3,400-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 3,400-square-foot home.

“We had no idea two years ago that we would list this place, but we have decided that we will go to a warmer climate,” he said.

Listing agent Donvan Saba said the location – a three to eight minute walk from Bde Maka Ska, the restaurants at Lake Harriet Bandshell and Linden Hills – and the home’s unique design details are some of its many pluses.

“What I like about this home and think is very unique is the abundance of natural light that plays on different textures and colors,” he said. “This creates an overall sense of peace.”

Buffie said a new homeowner might also appreciate the corner plot – especially in the winter.

“One of my criteria when buying a house is selfish. I wanted a property in the northeast corner because I never wanted to clear so much snow,” he said. “The sunlight comes around the house and helps to melt the snow from the driveway. And late in the day, the sunsets come into the living room.”

“It’s a really cozy house to live in, even though it’s at the modern end of the spectrum,” he said.

Donovan Saba (; 612-965-8143) from Coldwell Banker Realty has $ 1.495 million list.

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