The real reason we buy themed chess sets

I mean, what exactly is the point? Why would anyone buy something that collects dust, takes up home properties and – guess what – I can barely play chess with it? Unless you mind checking every time you move, a pawn is a pawn and a bishop is a bishop and other pieces are other pieces. Oh, I didn’t mean to put the queen so that your pawn would take it – I just could not distinguish it from the bishop? Uh … Can I repeat my move?

Chess has always provided the ideal vehicle for artisans to express themselves in such a way that their craft can lead to something in demand in the market. They could concentrate on vases or other impeccable decorations to satisfy the females ‘need for nest feathering, as well as the females’ need for nest feathering on the females so that they could settle down with cold beer in a place that didn’t feel like a prison. camera with a single picture on the wall for camouflage. But no. They had to go to chess to offend the millions of chess enthusiasts in the world who need to distinguish pieces from each other in a microsecond glance to complete our … uh, I mean their … crushing move. They had to invade the Staunton fan space with their Battle of Waterloo or the Isle of Lewis and other projects. If you ask me … uh, I mean most chess players, those pieces from the Isle of Lewis should have stayed where they were – in some cave in the Scottish Highlands, away from Staunton, away from chess and away from that to disturb the peace of our Staunton. Ugh!

Protection of the “gift”
The point is, from a chess retail standpoint, themed chess sets have a kind of built-in buffer from being constantly rejected as newcomers to chess. Think what’s really going on – most themed sets are bought for gifts – perfect gifts for those who want to play the game but can’t. Ideally. Buying a Culloden themed chess set for someone is like crediting him with the belief that he is a master of the game and he doesn’t even need to know which one is the rook and which is the pawn – they will still attack the opponent. with a hand tied behind his back. What a gesture! What a politician! As for the stains, ahh, this is a gift to Uncle Harold – he’ll check it. As for Uncle Harold – ahhh, it was a gift, it cost me nothing, this little spot is nothing to worry about. And what a wonderful gift (Harold: “I don’t even know how to play this game,” but he seriously thinks that I am the master – what a wonderful guy – oh … the family is wonderful! ”)

Cranial superiority
Gift or not, but these monsters of chess filth! chess invasion is unrivaled superiority. In one masterful move, the owner of the themed chess set has an item that masterfully does two things. Visitors can see immediately – just like a Mercedes in the driveway – that this person deserves recognition! Look – he appreciates history! He has chess Richard the Lionheart! And, … and … yes, this is chess – a person plays chess! Don’t meddle with this guy – he’s a man worthy of respect! This masterful punch is both an inexpensive, valuable, honored king and a public statement that the recipient is nothing more than one worthy of high office!

Thematic chess sets – they may seem like a complete parody of chess purity and chastity – but look further – this is a politician’s gesture, a wise man’s act and checkmate chess players!

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