The Sill’s Sidewalk Sale Is Filled With The Most Beautiful Plants

Looking to breathe new life into your home this spring? Lucky for you, The Sill’s annual Sidewalk Sale is on! Now through March 21st, you can score huge deals on the best indoor plants, from edgy dracaenas to cheery ficuses and beyond.

Shop in person or online for up to 50% off plants, planters, plant bundles, care accessories, and even snag some Sill merch! There will be major discounts each day with 40% to 50% off products on tons of tried-and-true bestsellers, plus trending pots (such as Philodendron Brasil, Neon Pothos, and the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree) for in-person shoppers. The “Deals of the Day” page will be updated every day with a new exclusive deal you will not want to miss, so be sure to refresh the page daily!

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The Sill

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The Sill

Take advantage of this lively sale to kick off the transition into spring. In-store inventory may differ from what’s available online, so shop while supplies last. Some highlights of today’s deals include larger-than-life sizes of the Bird of Paradise, ZZ Plant, and Parlor Palm plant. The plant trends for this year are all about going big, so do not be afraid to go a little wild. (Don’t have much of a green thumb? Don’t sweat it — snag a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers instead!)

Popular Spring & Summer Plant Trends

Wondering what will be trending in the plant kingdom this summer? The Sill expert Paris Lalicata weighs in:

  • “The team is excited about the quirky Ric Rac Cactus. Not only is Ric super fun to look at, but it can also live in drought naturally,” she says. If you’re hoping to do some travel in the coming months, she advises choosing this unique, easy-to-care plant, since it can go a long time without any water while still maintaining its fishbone, zig-zagging succulent stems.
    • Lalicata believes the Monstera Adonsaonii is a design enthusiast’s plant. “It loves light and grows fast, so it’s enjoyable to watch this trailing plant quickly evolve in your home. It trails beautifully and almost acts as soft, organic home decor the way you can drape it over shelves and other spots you want to add a little green to. “
      • The Sill team is also expecting plants with hints of pink — such as Stromanthe triostar and Dracena marginata — to rise in popularity. “They bring a bit of warmth to the home in a surprising way,” Lalicata shares.
        the sill sidewalk sale

        The Sill

        Quick Plant Tips for Warm Seasons

        Reassess your plant’s needs during seasonal changes to see where adjustments to its care may need to be made. “With the increase of daylight hours and temperatures, plants will start to drink up water at a faster rate and some may need to be watered more frequently,” Lalicata explains. Once you pick out your new plant, it’s best to let it acclimate for 1-2 weeks before repotting, since it’ll need time to adjust to its new home.

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