The TV brackets are attached to the thermallight blocks.

New buildings are constructed using thermallight blocks, making it more difficult to attach the TV wall bracket to the walls. Thermalite blocks are used in constructions that do not require heavy cement blocks but still prefer blocks over wood. The closed cell structure provides good thermal insulation which keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter, resulting in less energy consumption and less insulation material. It can withstand high temperature fires. The thermal light block is very light and can be held in one hand. After plastering the wall, it is difficult to separate it from the concrete block. However, it is noticeable when drilling holes in the wall. The material is so soft that any drill bit can drill a hole in it. It is difficult to dig a hole in the correct position as the drill can loosen the tangent due to softening. This will affect the TV bracket on the wall. You must drill very slowly and carefully to make sure the holes are straight. You can attach the wall bracket using a universal plug with two inch screws on the concrete. Universal plug does not require hammer operation when drilling.

When drilling, start with a small hole, and slowly enlarge the holes until the plugs fit perfectly into the hole. If your TV wall bracket is tilted, or is flat on the wall, and your TV weighs less than thirty kilograms, you can drill a hole in the wall, insert the plug and fasten it. Can screw from Be careful when tightening the screws as too much pressure can loosen the thermolite blocks to the sides of the screw inside the block. The TV wall bracket can hold the weight of the TV but the thermolite block may eventually loosen and give way to the weight of the TV wall bracket and the television. This becomes more dangerous when attaching the cantilever motion TV bracket where you can push the TV out of the wall. The leverage and movement of the TV can be absorbed by the wall bracket but the thermolite wall can withstand the extra stress.

You can use special thermolite fixing to make sure the TV brackets are firmly secured to the wall. This is done by inserting a special epoxy glue into the drill hole before the screw, and the glue penetrates the block to form a strong fixing. As you insert the screw into the hole, the epoxy patch helps to attach to the cement, which strengthens the grip. You will notice that as the screws enter the hole, additional epoxy will form around the outer environment of the hole which will provide additional support to the plate. Some people recommend applying epoxy glue, regardless of the material, to ensure that the screws and metal plates of the TV bracket are firmly secured in place. This reduces the risk of the TV bracket breaking through the wall. Use epoxy glue that is suitable for the material on which it is being applied. It may cost a bit more and it may take more time and effort to apply the glue but you reduce the risk of the TV and the wall bracket falling off the wall.

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