These 4 Spring Home Renovations Will Help You Attract More Buyers

Bold colors add a visual appeal that is attractive to many buyers. The best way to add some bold colors to your home is through paint, but you can get creative with how you do this.

“A fun, unique idea is to add color to the ceiling, otherwise known as the fifth wall,” Shay said. “The ceiling is oftentimes forgotten, but can really add a lot of interest to a room. Some colors I recommend for ceilings are Sherwin Williams Peppercorn or Tricorn Black. ”

If you do not want to undertake painting, there are other ways to add bold colors to your home.

“Another popular way to add color to a room is through decorative accessories such as pillows, vases or botanicals,” Shay said. big design impact. Draperies are another way to incorporate bold colors that make a big impact on the overall look of the room. They provide texture and color, and can really set the mood of the room. ”

Artwork, whether purchased or made, is another creative way to add color to a room, Shay said.

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