These Top-Rated Smart Gardens Are Perfect For Indoor Planting

So you were not blessed with a green thumb and you even avoid receiving flowers because you know that in your care, they’ll likely die within a week. But that’s OK, that’s what smart gardens are for. These easy-to-maintain, technologically advanced mini gardens are simple enough for beginners and innovative enough to impress even expert growers.

Designed to grow fresh herbs, fruits or vegetables, smart gardens offer a small space-friendly alternative to traditional planters, espcially if your home does not get a ton of natural sunlight. These gardens are built with LED lights that aid in the growing process and self-watering technology, so you do not have to worry about regularly watering them or making sure they’re getting enough sun.

There are also different sizes you can choose from, depending on how many seeds you want to grow, how tall you want your plants to get and how much space you have for the planter itself. And if you’re concerned about the smart gardens being messy, there’s no need to fret. These gardens use special pre-planted seed pods that come in compact, sponge-like cylinders so you do not have to fuss with loose soil.

Below, we rounded up five smart gardens that are highly rated and provide a variety of seed options, plant heights and price points.

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