Think about these 6 things before buying a specific home!

Before any potential qualified home buyer decides to purchase any particular home or property, they should carefully consider why they chose this one, and whether it is right for them, etc.! After more than 15 years as a licensed seller of real estate in New York State, I believe that an individual should not only consider whether buying a home is right for him, according to general rules, etc., including accessibility and etc., but it’s wise to fully consider these 6 items before buying any particular item. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, explore, analyze and discuss 6 things that should be fully considered and explored.

one. Does it meet your current needs?: Why and how does it fit your existing needs? Does the combination of location, schools, safety, accessibility and characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of a particular home make sense to you? How many bedrooms do you think you need and how many do you want? Are you considering a particular property as a start-up home or for a longer period? Can you comfortably, happily, etc. move – directly – inside or what would you do immediately? How are you doing bones at home? It usually makes sense to take a walk around the block and the surrounding area to see if you want to live there?

2. Can you afford the down payment and closing costs ?: Lending institutions use several metrics to determine if you qualify for a mortgage and how much! However, what is comfortable for you also matters, as well as your preparation for possible contingencies, etc.! Beware, this is important to know from the start, but it is far from the only knowledge you may need to determine if it is right for – you!

3. Meets projected future requirements: Unless you’re only buying this property for a very short time, it’s wise to consider whether the home and other factors meet and hopefully exceed future requirements, needs and priorities!

4. Can you comfortably afford monthly payments, etc.?: For most buyers a mortgage is required to buy it! Make sure you feel comfortable with monthly payments and installments that include: interest and principal on your mortgage; real estate taxes; insurance; public Utilities; repair reserve; reserve for repair and modernization; etc!

5. Do you like this area / surroundings?: What are you looking for in the area, and is this particular home in such an area? Consider factors such as: safety; education / schools; neighbours; facilities; and whatever may be important to you, now and in the near future – run!

6. Do you consider your personal comfort zone?: We each have different comfort zones, so it’s important to consider whether a particular property is right for yours, etc.!

These 6 things are just a few of the factors a potential home buyer should consider before buying, which in his opinion is his biggest financial asset! Act wisely so your American Dream doesn’t turn into a personal nightmare!

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